Your fingernails tear through my flesh as we spin through dead air,
my arm clenched around your neck for life, 
Your blood boils just as mine,
and when the pressure is released,
steam scalds our hearts,
Burning our chests.
battlescars, battlescars,
Before I fall asleep I see battlescars,
Never ever thought it could go this far,
Never was alone til I ain't break your fall,
Guess love wasn't meant for the both of us,
Trust ain't come when I got tired of lust,
Ignite everynight it don't matter to us,
Reality a sadly seen pattern to us,
So I make sure that record spins,
Even if it ain't mine I'm listening,
Cause if I relate, then I'll feel great,
Rent ain't paid, I don't worry about the date,
Still tryna find a job, no wonder why I don't feel safe,
Everybody's rushing me,
Come on big brother make a way,
Michigans a colder state, 
I'm bluer than my moon here,
Think I just might meet my tomb here,
Every second feels like my doom here,
So I watch them all roll away,
Dreaming of a way, to live a better fate.
Everybody hate. Cause I don't relate,
Gotta love myself, so I won't fade away
Kinda waiting on a better day,
To pull, take the pain away,
It's gotta be worth it, gotta be perfect,
Disconnect from this wonderful earth yeah,
No wonder why I wanna be under the turf,
Promised a death before my birth,
So I'm ready to go, ready to go,
Afro dynamite so ready to blow


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