Real Or Not Real

I loved you so much,
Your feel.
Your touch.
The way you walked.
The way you talked.
I loved it all, so much.

It's so hard for me to remember.
All the times we spent together.
Under the stars.
Seemingly in love. 

Can you remember sweetheart?
The times we kissed in the dark?
Keeping the other from dying.
Giving each other a reason to live.

You were my whole world.
The one I loved.
The one I suffered for.
I must have loved you so much. 
Your feel.
Your touch.

It's so hard for me to remember.
Some memories shiny.
Some memories clowded.
But I remember some things dear.
The way we were brought together in fear.

You once said you'd rather die then live without me.
Would you die for me now?

I must have loved you so much.
But now I can't remember.

Real, or not real?


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