The Real Me


United States
33° 57' 13.6512" N, 118° 21' 7.3404" W

Behind these eyes of mine is a person, just an ordinary person who always feels she never fits in.She takes pictures and finds uplifting quotes to put on her pictures so she can look at them and think she is beautiful. You hear all the time on news and media and see people with filters on there pics. well to me I would rather not have a filter I would rather just show you the real me instead. Behind the pictures is nerves and happiness in which can only be seen in the pictures. But sometimes when I look back at the pictures I see past memories and friendships who shaped me. Some pictures hurt and bring back pain but others show when I was the happiest  and only brings a smile to my face. Thats the person I hope people see behind my selfies and pictures. Not a model or a happy girl, just me. The real me.


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