Do we even matter


We are all given the same time but what does that dictate that a plant can walk or a dog

learn to speak.

When seven billion people exist how many can truly be seen but a few in the gleaming light

of stars embrace.

When there are seven billion four hundred and thiry  six million  people on the Planet how

can we have the audacity to think we matter.

Who is that lonely boy inside his seat singing to the sound of a beat as the blade massages

on  his skin slicing pain away from the roots within.

The weaping waters, it flows from the drain it cleans the mess he has made.

Who was the guy strewn across the road  a grave six feet above standard,

torn as the bullet entered through his chest dumping into the car below.

A fitting end, to the same old deal of a dusty white bag of air;

That he echoed every night trying to get the hospital bill paid the only way he knew he could.

Who was  the construction worker on the edge who didn't jump but stepped off and pulled

the ground up to himself really fast. 

Faster than the car crash killing his only two reasons for living; 

Just like a base jumper who went for a swim without a parachute attached,  diving arms

outstreched hugging rocks, as he plummited to the ground below sharing his last bit of love

he had to give before his ultimite demise. 

Who was the girl that was really big and was always called fat.

three thousand three hunded and twenty seven times, she was counting just like her parent

were counting her words in the last note she ever wrote.  

I love you but I cant take it anymore. 

At least she  wasn't called fat when those same kids came to cry at her casket.

A waterfall of emotion for her paradise free of judgement.

One in a million may seem so special but noone ever mentions the other seven thousand

just like you.

Unknowingly Locked in a tomb unkown praises reach your grace of the four people you

grew to love but cant even put a name.

We look in awe but can only wonder can the shattered pieces of glass the bullet broke be

fixed or do we just have to keep asking the same question over and over and over again.

Do we even matter? Do... We... Even... matter?


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