A Bruise

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 07:22 -- lalicea

You don’t want to invest the time
Time is nothing, you lie
Everything was beautiful
Roses in the garden,
Cloudless skies
But the raging clouds kept coming from your eyes
On that day,
The day of the end.
There were no fights,
There was no reason
Selfishness is what drove you,
You wanted to change your life
You wanted something new
You, you, you
You, a coward, a frightened cat in a corner,
Afraid where this would go,
Worried that it would last long.
There was no reason,
I know you know
You wanted to advance at a faster rate,
I wanted it to be special
You understood, but I wonder
Maybe that’s one reason …
A selfish coward you are,
A bandit, stealing my feelings
Feelings that have come to create pain
A pain that will coexist with my life
For a long while
A bruise that will change color each day
Until it slowly goes away,
Until your memories with me stay
As evidence of a time when I was happy,
And then I will know that it’s okay.


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