Once there was a girl that cried at night

Her daddy would hate and hit and fight

When she got older her mother remarried

And it felt as if a great weight had been carried

But she couldnt forget the scars in her mind

It may has well been a great big knife

She lived a lot better more love, and less hatred

But she still got mean words, and cruel, snarled up faces

People at school would suspect nothing less

Than a happy girl so fun, just the best

But she was so sensitive, and many things hurt her

They thought they were funny, they really werent though

The words that they threw, they did not really know

But they still used them, and if they were sorry it didnt show

So she went out, put on a show of great joy

Even though it was all really a coy

Later, after the show was all over

She went in a room and cried in a corner

Even her sister would say that she hates her

And never say sorry, just say it more later

Words are as bad as a knife in the leg

You should do neither, so think before you do or say

Whatever goes on in that mind that you hold

There is one great saying that you have been told,

Think before you act

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



I am a new poet, to this website! I've been writing for a while, and its kind of a get away for me. I would appreciate any comments! Let me know if you connect in any way, or what this poem means to you.

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