Tue, 04/03/2018 - 02:07 -- smalls

I have never felt something like this in my life

I mean you move me

Move me to the point where i will change my ways for you

I will stop my habits and improve myself for you if that is what you desire

I mean how can you have so much control without even asking or commanding

It’s the respect you have established that i admire

It’s your ambition that brings power

And your smile that brings comfort

I knew what i was dealing with the moment i laid my eyes on you. 

I tried to push these feelings to the side.

I didn’t want to accept the fact that i was into you

Later on my friend said girl ain’t that your boo and although i denied you, the feelings triggered like never before

My eyes opened and i realized something that moved me like never before

You are exactly what I️ been praying for

You are everything I have been looking for. 

I know if I get you, i will be more than satisfied 

I will be blessed. 

You are more than what i can ask for and tears fill up my eyes because it is an eternal joy

It is a clear cut sign. 

Why would i ruin such a beautiful thing for such a temporary moment. 

It’s not obsession you see, this is me dropping all temptation for a beautiful thing. 

Dropping all my flesh for the benefits of my soul. 

I admire your perfection and your success and know you have the capability to lift me up when I️ am not at my best

Without even trying you make my mouth stretch from ear to ear showing off my crooked smile 

You do things unintentionally i mean we don’t even have to try

It’s just a rhythm that flows and baby i have never danced before. 

You grab my hand and guide me. 

Guide me to a dream that has become a reality. 

Yes, this, this bond, this connection, this rhythm of ours that we naturally carry is not a fantasy.

You are a blessing that has been set before me and see i cannot let go of this opportunity 

You have become everything to me



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