Heart of Glass

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 15:20 -- damono


Even in all the aftermath
No one could replace what he had
He was scared unsure of the world
And all they ever did was add pressure
Said he asked for this is how the world works
Told him never trust the singing of the birds
Said he couldn’t change it was all here to stay
Told him to just accept and bury it away

Kid always did have a heart of glass

And when it broke it was death at last
Tried to save him but he was already shattered
Fake words weren't enough the truth was what mattered
Kid always did have a heart of gold
So someone broke in and robbed him cold
Without the shine everything turned dark
Reality set in and flooded the spark
Sure took a lot to break it though
Rocks were useless, lies hurt the most
Behind the face it was hard to tell
But the eyes were empty and the words just fell
Said he should’ve thought everything through
The future the past and the present too
Said he couldn’t be happy where he was
Told him do whatever except what he wants 
In the end he realized it was him
Nobody else could repair what they did
It made him stronger or at least that’s what he thought
Little did he know without a heart he would rot


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