Money Made You Be

Take your money and bury it down

Deep and down in a coffin-shaped hole

Deep and down so no one will see

The greedy and ignorant beast

That money made you be


Try and stand up

When your legs are half gone

Try and run now

To that coffin-shaped hole

Deep and down in that sea of greedy mud

Where your money will surely be there


The time has come

For you to be buried

Deep down in that coffin-shaped hole

Where your money rests scattered

Amongst a sea of dirty old mud


Cold faced you face your own grave

On the hilltop of a neatly mowed lawn

Where is that money now?

Which you thought would save you from thou


The bells are rung and the candle is lighted

One single candle which rests upon your altar

The one your son made with not a single regret

For to him you were a man who was never his father,

A mere stranger who was always gone

Gone burying his money in a coffin-shaped hole

A stranger deep down, in a sea of greedy mud.


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