Not Me

Looking through my photos but this girl doesnt look like me 

She looks like the girl that I wanted to be 

They comment saying that I'm beautiful

Boys saying that they're looking for a girl and that I'm suitable 

But I'm sitting here comteplating 

Thinking about all these words that these people are saying 

They don't even know who they are talking too 

If they saw me without my filters and makeup would they carry though?

I wonder what it would be like to just to be free 

And not be caught up on the social medias of my enemies 

I try to be me and let the real girl out but then suddenly I start to shut down 

That girl is still lost and shes looking to be found 

Ive been too focused thinking about what makes me different 

To realise that it really is my flaws that make me glissen 

Then suddently I start to  studder

My breath gets short then my heart flutters

Cant control my thoughts and then they all come racing out 

I feel like im living in a desert during a big drought

Then sunddenly the people start to stare

Wondering what I'm even doing here

I forget I'm not the girl they came to see

That girl lives online faking who I thought I wanted to be 

But I'm here now and I got her stuff all packed 

The old girl, Yeah.. shes never coming back! 

Cause thats not who I want to be 

I want the real girl inside to be true to me 

Now I can talk and I'm showing the world

That I'm living proof that social media truly does affect a girl 

Now that I can hear what im saying and the words aren't jumbled up 

Im going to show the world that I really am that tough 

And that nothing can ever stop me 

From being the girl that I was born to be 

I just dont want any other girls thinking that they have to prove theirselves 

Relying on the likes and comments of somebody else

Girl your beauty is beyond words and I hope you take that into consideration 

Just remember that you're a beautiful creation 

And noone can ever take that away 

And its never worth it to start to stray 

Never depened on photo editing 

If you really think about it that shit is unsettling

Love who you are cause those filters arent reality 

and I hope that you have a slightest sense of morality 

Because one day the real you is going to transcent 

and its not as easy editing then pushing send.









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