my ink's gone drylost. with


my ink's gone dry

lost. with all that's left

of who I used to be


who was that girl?

who is this girl?

where did the rest of me go


it's as if

what I was

all the dark pieces

the dark and angry and lost parts

like they've evaporated

and my pen alongside them


as if nothing seeps from my being

nothing bleeds from my soul

and yet i'm here

and every night

all around 



are all thses reasons why

the calm surrounds me

and I know it's right

that i've somehow




I was always looking for

you're the


that I had sought


and I struggle to write

to find the words

to make these statements



you're not like them

my heart doesn't

hurt for you

my mind doesn't race at night

my pillow isn't damp

with your memories


those words are gone from me

yet i'm not hollowed

not withdrawn

not crazy

not fleeting

i'm not pretending


and that's what 

this is


my real





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