That Life we live


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That Life we Live

We don't live the life of boredom
We are free, we are birds
We are always on the move
seeing new things, & new things seeing us..

We don't live the life of being anti-social
Meeting new people & adapting becomes second nature
We learn to live without a shell..

We don't live the life of fear
We learn to come at a situation head-on..
If we don't succeed the first time, we try again..
Failing is not an option & giving our all is demanded..

We don't live the life of attachment
We learn to let things go in hopes of finding something new & better.
With old faces , you get new ones
Moving all of the time is bitter sweet..

We don't live the life of a normal kid..
Our parent's character protect our well-beings.
Our parents are heroes & we represent them everyday ..
We are our own race.. We are army brats…


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