This World


United States
29° 12' 0.648" N, 82° 4' 4.6272" W

Welcome to this world, this cold, cruel place,
Where violence and hurt are quick to replace.
Here are some things to which to pay mind
If, and only if, you wish to survive.

You can never run from your shadow
No matter how quick you are.
You can never change a nightmare
No matter how skilled you are.

The ghosts of the past will always follow you;
The chance of a future will always escape you.

Like bloodhounds to a scent
Misery will always find you.
Like a lion to its prey
Fear will always catch hold of you.

Love will always break you;
Hate will always make you.
Hurt will be your gift from all;
Violence will be your teacher.
Happiness will always elude you;
Anger will always fuel you.

Welcome to this world, this dark, filthy place,
Where brutality is key to the dying humane race.
Learn these rules for you will see
Life isn't as pretty as it was thought to be.


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