Who are you?

Who am I?

Does anyone really know?

Who are you to tell me what I should say or what I should show?


Physically, I do not lift something from one place to another

Everyone carries a weight that is unknown to others

Carrying our own masks because we all have something to hide

Carrying a mask, does it make me cliche?


Are we made to be emotionless

With a made in China label

Our skin is temporary and saturated with deceit

Can anyone tell what is fake and what is real?


I want to be more than the plastic doll the media advertises

Futuristic robots in human flesh now taking part in present day

All of these little toy soldiers carrying little toy guns

Who would’ve thought that I would become one?


You think Salem would've taught us, but we're still burning the innocent

Replace my mahogany eyes with bright emerald stones; this will be part of the purity process

You should know that my old eyes are about as useful as rocks

There are no brown diamonds.


There’s nothing left but me carrying the scars you can’t see

I put on masks to find a sense of belonging

One hand straightens the perfect mask

There are so many that I can't find my own face.


It's all the same story copy and paste, but now it's only with a different face

Self identity should be self explanatory, but the world isn't what we think

Carrying a mask is a lot of weight


This poem is about: 
My country


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