You were born to be real, not perfect

and to know in your heart that you are worth it

I was born to add to this thing we call life 

and everyone alive is part of this strife,

this strife we go through to find perfection

and perfection is an infection we get by an injection

from tv and radio, billboards and celebritites

and no one stops you on the street to compliment your mundanities

No, we are expected to feel right in our own skin

and see ourselves as beautiful even if we're not thin

But how can we when we're bombarded

with expectations

then disregarded

when we dont live up to these impossible calculations 

This needs to stop, our world needs to change

and i know im one person but i could rearrange

rearrange this notion that everyone HAS to be just right

and then criticized when they put up a fight 

i am right to be proud of my body and soul

because i am the one who's  in control

 I see myself as great just the way i am

and I dont need others' conformation because, i dont give a damn

 this mindset needs to spread to every person who feels inferior

Look in the mirror and realize you are superior

Everyone nowadays strives to be a clone, to be "ideal"

but its better to be one of a kind and not something someone can steal

You are a reflection 

of true perfection because

You. Are. Real.




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