Is the definition of perfection perfect?

Who could really define perfection?

If someone added a picture to it, who would it be?

Certainly not me.

I would be plastered in the antonym section as

"Broken, ashamed, liar, lustful, greedy, selfish, imperfect" -

That's me.

However, I was created by a perfect God

Who loves me enough to come to this earth as a man

And sacrifice Himself for my sins.

Who would have thought?

He puts our sins aside on a daily basis

and looks at His creation as perfect,

His children as perfect,

Me as perfect.

We were created in His perfect image

To honor, glorify, and worship Him.

How could we not?

He's the ultimate image of perfection.

So, if I had to put a picture next to perfection, it would be God.

It would also be His creation: you, me, and everything surrounding us.

God has a purpose in everything He does and for everything He created.

Whether we like it or not, His plan is perfect

And we have to trust Him with our lives.

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