Mon, 01/22/2018 - 16:08 -- Maxim


Why do I feel that I need to feel the feel to feel real?
Why does my heart have the art of being apart?
The sole of my soul is a big whole hole.
A low lone loner lonely and lowly stares solely at the whole hole within me.
The emptied emptiness of the empty.
The darkness of the darkening dark.
The secret secret, securely sealed
Stay shut for fear of being revealed.
Why do I have to have the need, to not need any need?
Why should I care to care about the careable?
When I as a human was humanly inhumane 
When I fearfully feared fearing the fearable 
When I was valued at a value that never had value.
So I'm asking the asked 
And repeat the repeated
Why do I strive to thrive?
When all the while for every mile
The life that I lived I couldn't once smile.?
The journey I worry 
Has been nothing but a worthless story.

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