Maxed Out

i was born a stoner

lyrically on one but I’m sober


popping up eventually like I was a gopher

I’m searching

but I can’t find meanings

sixth sense feelings ravaging my seeing

I must be dreaming

better yet I’m leaning 

Ive been told by multiple beings to step the fuck off

but fuck you ima keep making shit till I drop and cough and spew out blood into a sock

ill be 85 and sicker than a sick dog 

why the fuck do i have to think like this man..?

its got me fucked up 

when i was  4 I slept with my mommy ~  

until i was 12 I was a pussy always ugly 


amount to nothing

head in the water never rising above air for gasping and gulping

I’m swimming but sulking I’m sad and its showing 

the real heat packer

maybe not a 45 but something with this sheer matter

the genius adder

subtracter and bagger

I’m living like a hacker

pent up in my bedroom but making music smelling my own urine from the juice bottles

yeah i was caudled 

give me just a second and let me remind y’all 

I’m just a child Nahhh

i don’t eat spicy so I’m mild

This poem is about: 
Our world


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