You Have it Better

People day by day tell me how blessed I am and how I don't see it

They say you're just a complainer and how I'm never misused or mistreated

They say people have it worse, starving while I'm as perfect as a love letter

Again and again all I hear is you have it better

But what they don't realize is that inner damage is just as important

While people are dying out there, Im dying in here feeling hopeless

No one can understand the amount of pressure that's upon me

It seems as if I have to feel sorry for everyone except for me

I wish the ones I call friends and family would take it serious

Rather than just talk about the children in Africa and how I'm oblivious

I'm much aware of all the tragedies and hardships and how serious I must treat them

But who's going to be aware of all the pain and the overwhelming amount of my demons?

no body 

Which is why I've decided to take matters into my own hands

Look myself in the eye and request a demand

A demand to put a stop to all of the lonely nights and unproductive days

An end to all of hate thats inside of this haze 

This haze in my brain is what fuels my evil

Its the reason why I've I myself have been doubtfuI

It's up to me to change my ways

To live up to these so called happy days


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