Who am I?

Stubborn and partially rude seemed to be what they are used to seeing
, sometimes goofy, flirtatious, and crazy or even causing a scene.
People are oblivious to what lies underneath,
the lies that are depicted in the eyes,
unaware that the artificial external grief,
is actually consuming the inside,
It consumes everyday,
eating the prey that is trapped,
the prey is defenseless and weak,
therefore is unable to react.
As one can see,
the internal challenges the external,
but only to be ridiculed,
it is afraid of being judged,
or to be dwindled.
Besides, the fake long hair is glamorous,
and the long nails are irresistible,
what use is there of little nubs,
and short hair oh so brittle.
Band is fun,
actually fun to the highest extent,
Well to the beautiful  sunflowers,
not the tar or cement.
If only people could see what really lies inside,
of what that inner being is,
which is of course Me,
that shy and hides in the abyss,
which is deep inside of me.
Being a band geek or a gentle being is not the term fleek, cool, or the junk. 
Instead it is the way of being crushed by your so called friends, associates, or jocks. The inner me can't be seen by the world,
for it will be destroyed,
The internal being that I cherish oh so greatly,
will only be hidden and rejoiced. 


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