Nothing with Everything (TGrillz)

Sun, 08/10/2014 - 11:04 -- TGrillz


Stopped in front of the old dirt road. 

I usually do what I'm told.

And that night the warmth felt so damn cold.

I was feeling young but too old,

anticipating the trouble I'd watch unfold.

I was stopped in front of the old dirt road.


I had nothing on me but the sweats covering my hips, feet, and knees,

I held so much in my heart but lead on to nothing on my mind but holding my keys.

It all happened in the matter of: one, two, three.

I thought I was living a terrible dream when I was stuck on route nine,

the past fifteen miles consisted of rhymes about livng my dreams,

but in the  matter of seconds my dreams vanished,

I panicked and everything i had could have became nothing.

I was trapped in a mind full of thoughts and I never got caught,

I just nodded my head, followed the rules and concealed the truth with fear, and knowledge is the only friend on my side, because in that moment I had nothing with everything,

I stopped thinking after I drove away from that old dirt road.

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