Tomorrow she stink

^ suddenly this ain't nowhere, impressive I think --- got her swag?
Tomorrow she stank.

^ I'm Turo and you ain't, it's in how alot I say thanks --- when growing up I left alot of blanks, cause I never dispute rank.

^ why you wanna see me legit, when your momma told you someth'n not right with him --- Tomorrow she stink. I told ya'

^ you can see it in my eyes bro, truth & fit --- your social media even RIP --- Tomorrow she stink, no swag at the mall or any phone calls.

^ That's Turo Bones as version'd you hear'n --- (open to nothing?) I'm staying with these words to you and me real, decide these rims spinning grills deep...

^ Look at bebo hits all the same, my dark girlfriends say I'm white insane, I tried giving errors on some pain --- grip my skull*

^ hold over ago gently, my mirror sunglasses and gold teeth eat yo Bentley, I grip my skull and thank my utter tone of this --- whip out my sentences so she get dizzy on this

^ when you fail to bring receipt, I don't give a damn about you're peanut butter creep - Tomorrow she stank.

^ Send a letter on a blank, 5, 6, 7, 8 she gonna stank

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Our world
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