Genetics are Scary

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 15:18 -- colebc


The sins of the mother are what worry me
A cult is what she leads
Psychologically defective
I scream my invective
But what worries me are the seeds
Such things grow in genetics
Such freak heretics
This is why I worry to be

At the center I am one with his own belief
An oddball afloat
On the sea of normality
This causes anxiety
As rocks of paranoia hit my boat
Do they think me strange?
To fit in should I change?
From those rocks there is no relief

Should I feel ashamed?
Am I destined to do the same?
Am I to abandon my family
To become a god delusionally
If I don't play this game
Am I to be an eccentric
A hermit in a cave very barbaric
Will my name be defamed?

I'm afraid that I'm crazy
My head sometimes gets hazy
So when it comes to people I can be lazy
In letting them know who i am
I feel that's a lot of strangeness to cram
Down somebody's throat
And I push them away as I sail on my boat.


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