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I fucked up a valium... I been fuckin up.

You? That shit don't mean shit... "you, you you..." I been thru that shit... it's all about me now.

I'm the head. you're the tail...

Verse: Polyester Manhanttan. I've been consumated.

Tryna make it out the solid basement.

Solid bases, white winter full of Miles Davis.

Music Senatra and odd godly-changes.

I hate to break it to you, we ain't the same dude... My crew and I been eating crazy on this soul food.

We talking you?

that shit don't ever add up boii!

I hate to break it, but that shit is bad luck boy!

A young Roy, something pierced like Brosnen.

Logical enough to see that you are still the problem...

I feel impatient. I can't even break shit... Momma in the kitchen cooking soda whippin cases...

I caught a couple duffle bags feelin weightless... I'm on my cape shit,

Tryna see the jakes spin.

I thought "impressive" takin homage on'em Jason.

My momma's dagger gottem slippin... I feel the Mavs and Scotti Pippin...

When I get mad, I gotta get it.

Cuz if I don't, I get to trippin...

Twenty-Five, 7' sixes...

Twenty-Two, Two 11's... 1-on-1, True Religions...

you and I doin bidness.

Money talks, you should listen.

Listen, I'm nothin to mess with.

Jeans deep, Polyester....

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