Dead Presidents


Saluzcion's Never been the type to write my name on a ballot and cast a vote
Placing my goals and aspirations on the next man's hope; nope
Wasting time slow; going through procrastination,
With success from the gun smoke; phasing money woes
My inspiration for growth: is a driven fascination
Derived from poverty exaggeration and that’s No lie,
So when money's talking, bullshit's walking
I’m talking about you not I
Progression’s exclamation is the only obsession
The rescission's ignorance won't be my foundation.
Until I see the cosmos, themselves; the heavens can’t hold me back
I do it for my own, dawg, until I bridge the gap
It’s been a slow process I must confess that 22x I failed.
23, is anew beginning the rest is ancient history; some sort of a fairy tale.
It’s kind of hard to digest, and I'm talking about my own honesty with oneself
Too many times I said: "would've, should've, could've" but too afraid to accept the hands of help
But I'm sick and tired of this mediocre life
And that’s No complaints; I’m just finally being wise
4 grand suites with black pin bow power ties
Money makes the world spin
Natural born sinner that’s just destined to win
Saluzcion's the Pseudonym, so when you mention Mauricio and failure in the same sentence you ain't thinking of him
I said you won’t be thinking of him


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