The Purge

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 19:04 -- lhellan

Struggling to be understood

Communication with no voice

Assuming he's not making the right choice

His body a prison, his mind a saint

Can't escape

Blood- boiling desire, useless dreams

His autism haunts him, almost bursting through the seams

Like a childproof bottle, can't open his mouth

The jaw- dropping words cease to come out

No threat, not violent towards himself

But his mentors don't let him express himself

Solitary confinement, false accusations, and awful interpretations

No need to slow down, no need to slur words

Just because his expression is off is no reason to purge at his unheard words

Take a moment, gaze deep into his eyes

Discover the genius you thought you would never find

Disappointment, desolation, forced inside for so long

Doesn't seem to be paying attention, you react instead of respond

Yelling, loosing patience in front of everyone

Making this boy feel even worse

Singling him out in front of his classmates, everyone he constantly strives to please

And for what? To be seen as no different, perfect in God's eyes

Put yourself in his shoes, walk his path

He has no choice but to continue living stuck inside his own hell

No say in the matter, impossible to get out

He's processing, genius, able to understand

Why can't you comprehend?

He's a normal man, trapped, living life like he's in a waste land 

Stop showing disappointment and take a deep breath

That undetermined, lazy, difficult kid is without a doubt the most mysterious, amazing individual you have ever met.




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