The Real ME!

Many think they know who I am,

But the truth is you don't.

For starters my name is Akeylah Giles.

Many know me as the girl with a Big voice,

But yet they don't know that.

I am more than that I am me... Akeylah Giles

I am more than just blunt person.

Yes I state the truth but please remember,

that I am...Akeylah Giles

I am a person who has experienced a lot at young age

So, I try and cope with that joys and the pains of live

By utilizing the power of my voice,.

By being blunt and letting people know the truth ,

I also cope with a Smile because if I look happy than

I feel as if that's the way it intended to be.

Now, you know the real me but will you still

Except ME, Akeylah Giles?

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