Reality, hit so hard you do not know what your next step would be. Cannot see the future cannot focus on the present so many things going on things get hectic. Hectic, hell I cannot help it crying & wondering what next to life what offered to me. Reality is like a bullet being stuck somewhere in your body you feel the most pain & you cannot get rid of the pain & reality cause that what there to offer you for the rest of your life. Nobody knows, nobody shows suffering & pain that they gain once reality hit oh what a shame. Nothing will be the same everything changed once you look from how reality hit you you'll be begging for some change, asking for change asking god why must I come through some much pain. Reality is real reality is them chills you feel in your spine in your mind, your thinking will i cry tonight will i suffer the pain i gained from reality. Losing loved ones like it's a daily routine wondering why god continuously wants to hurt me, but you live to die that the reality. Want to make a change of how things are going on in life. Depression doesn't like reality it makes the person sad to not have control over what's going on in their life, their community, & their world. Has no hope for future because nobody will stand up to reality, knocks you down you think will i ever stand my ground? All i see around my town is frowns no smiles, no laughs, children don't play outside because they might not make back outside.  That's the reality in life, in Chicago. Thats the reality in life worldwide. No one should be fearful of reality, reality is real so when you feel like you can't get back up from the knock down of reality you have get up dust off & push through reality until the real reality is when you succeed no matter what. When you feel safe in your own mind in your own community that'll be the real reality of life. 



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My community
My country
Our world


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