A wonderer -- A wanderer -- Imagine it!

To be.

Where you adjust your frame of mind

to fit your every piece. 

And every patch you thought was waste?

And shard that pricked and screeched?

You'll find it fits your peace of mind -- even in harmony.


I thought I'd drown in crashing sound -- 

and light was only glare.

But now, a wanderer, I find

a newfound wonder here. 


Don't make believe that make believe

is all that you've found -- no --

You've found a treasure, wanderer, 

one that only YOU know!


And you can let the joy ring out

in light and sound and air --

Yes, we'll be breathing happiness,

and all because you dare!


You dare to share your hope and heart

with those who are numb with need --

who calculate and contemplate how

to counterfeit your deed.


You dare, 'cause being you, you know

that we all stop,

and we all go --

no matter the movement, there's nothing to fear

when you share your heart --

hope --

and your happiness here.


I'm human -- I'm Scared --

Scared of finding no one --

Scared of finding nothing to lean back upon --


no one to catch me -- Yet

You offer your hand


My hope hesitates -- my pride staggers back --


This hope for the future -- can I understand?

I just don't know how -- I can't -- comprehend --


Will I realize that I've lived a life full of "no"?

Nothing REAL for my happiness --

my heart --

my hope?


For my dreams have proportion to the great world I see --

I will find my treasure -- my genuine --




Like you, I'm a masterpiece --

Even if I fall.


And if my life shatters?

It's my art, after all.


And I know all art will be framed one fine day,

with patches and shards and memories 'long the way --


What you have is a treasure,

one you can't help by share --

for your heart, happiness, and hope 

have a home anywhere.


Go on with your wanders, my wonderful friend --

this won't be the last time I meet you again. 


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