Real Colors

I didn't know colors. 

I thought that they were mixed, 

a simple product of light, 

bouncing off, 

as rays. 

Only the modern physics.


That's all I saw. 

The calculated facts. 

The reality, not the fiction or thought within.


Then you came. 

And I couldn't explain.

I wanted an equation, 

on how to solve a problem like you.

Yet instead you kept me guessing, 

and grasping at something new. 


I couldn't understand. 

It was all illogical the way you made me feel


But the colors you brought.

So vibrant. 

So pure.

It made me lose my breath 

And gasp in amazement. 

At the creation, 

the swirl of colors 

before my eyes.


How my cheeks would turn red, 

so vibrant and embarrassing.

How my face would turn white, 

at every shock that you gave.

How green your eyes were.

How they reflected back at mine.

How white were your teeth, 

when you flashed me that crooked smile.

How brown were your freckles,

sprinkled on your face.

How blond was your hair, 

always in a disorderly array.


I started to learn what the colors were.

Like I was transported back to school.

I started to learn what life could bring,

when I set aside reality,

and let the colors go free. 

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