paper slaves

Tue, 01/27/2015 - 14:19 -- lizann

people always want money but shit that's not what i need

i dont need a three story house with a huge glaring tv

i dont need six figures i just need to figure it out

figure out why we're here and what life is about

money just masks whats in the beauty of living

with things that contaminate what we're already given

we're given a world with endless experiences everywhere

we have it all but you fight and fuss over your hair

you fight and fuss over three piece suits and watches

well fuck your wrist watch i wanna watch the sun rise

i want those shades of pink and orange and yellow to warm my eyes

while yours sit there filled green with greed and envy

stop being brainwashed by things and by money

it's a loaded thought to think about why we're here and how to live our lives

but i sure as hell know we don't need to be loaded to thrive





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