My tears don't fall


I don't allow them to

They sit there, Right near the bags under my eyes  

Or right on the center of my cheeks greeting my dimple with a smile

As if they've known each other for years

They sit there and wait for more to come

Just so they can fall on off their silked paths on my face down to my arms 

Their warm burst that feel like acid eating through my scars 

Just so they can remind me I'm crying


Fall so You don't make me lift my tired arms that already carry the weight of the world

Just to brush you away as if you weren't a symbol of my body telling trying to scream for help

I'm Begging You



Fall faster so they don't see you rest on my silly little cheeks

Fall. Please.

It's like you don't want to move as if you're trying to tell them that I'm pathetic

Tears, I'm speaking to you, so 

Please listen

Fall, then stop. 



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