you say it and I don't wanna hear it cause

most likely you talkin bout that fairy tail nonsense

that lets go frolic through the flowers all day every day nonsense

that whenever I'm with you I feel like I'm on a cloud nonsense

that we're always happy never fighting nonsense

See, when the two of you are ALWAYS happy with each other, it's not healthy, it's creepy

Like the way nurses talk to patients

or the way a shrink asks you how you feel

or like a stalker in the bushes

Cold and detached from everyone else, that's the "perfect" couple that never fights

always happy, surreal, no one is happy all the time

Well no healthy person is absolutely completely and totally happy every second of every day


You say it and I know what you mean

Like most of the socially enslaved, you're talkin about the stuff in movies

where we run toward each other in slo-mo

and everything in our separate lives meshes together perfectly

Where after the first few conflicts we are always on the same page

Never have to help each other through something tragic

Or maybe you mean

Let's have great sex

And I'll get jealous and you'll get jealous

But there are never any questions asked cause

You know how I do, can't look clingy and needy

And we'll feed each other those three words that used to be special

Those three words that had weight once upon a time

The three words you only said to yo mama, daddy, relatives, and friends

Until you just knew you had found the one

We'll feed them to each other because

Thats what's socially acceptable in this day and age

Tossing words around as if they had no meaning

And completely ignoring that sometimes love is used as a euphemism

For sex, cause it sounds nicer

bullshit, cause you wanna cover up and brush over

Cover up your lies

Brush over your lack of self esteem

Cover up your empty promises

Brush over your need to conform

Cover up what used to be an individual

Brush over original thoughts

Cover and brush

Cover and brush

And repeat until your face looks like

The rest so you will be accepted

So that everyone will love you


When I say it

I'm talkin bout the real, the raw, the ridiculous

Sex that can never be accurately described by words

Because we are not just bringing bodies together

When we meet up, it's a uniting of bodies, minds, hearts, and souls

An occurrence in the making long before

We hit the sheets

Jealousy that is not kept secret because it is so strong

It would kill slowly if not voiced

And not just the kind that comes when evidence is available

I mean that unreasonable kind

Where everyone is a suspect and it's hard for them to prove innocence

But I never suspect my love

Of doing anything so damaging

A confidence in each others faithfulness

That will never be dismissed

Unshakable trust and faith

Because we understand and know one another so well

That complete sentences are unnecessary

That sometimes speech is unnecessary


I say it and I'm not concerned with what's popular

It should be warm and prickly, not cold and creepy

Let's have fun

Not go on a date, not visit someplace fancy, not do something expensive

Fun, like watching YouTube videos, playin pictionary, monopoly, UNO

or some other card or board game

Like playin hide and seek with some friends, I spy, havin a doodling competition, pillow fights, quoting movies

Like takin pictures in random places cause we're Gs like that

Sometimes when I'm with you I feel like I'm on a cloud

But there are other times when "Heated Discussion" doesn't even come close

to explaining what we do

Like that time we yelled so loud and so much we ended up hoarse for a week

Or that time you splintered the table and I did the same to the door frame

It's not always rosy and this

has been and will be tested time and again

Together we survive anything

Scary, rough, dynamic, and intense

I wouldn't have it any other way

No matter what this love is not

It is authentic

And when I

Say utter pronounce declare mumble speak voice whisper

Those three words

You'll know what I mean


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