Shit you think but can't say to teachers

There is no good morning when I sit in this class at 7am

I don’t give a care about what you’re sayin

How would listening to you rant help me

Achieving a dream, is this how it’s supposed to be?

All I want to do is sit in class and learn

Work my way up to making more than you’re paid to earn

You do not know everything, remember that

But hopefully one day on me you’ll make an impact

I will recall something useful you have said

Like be careful with whom you break bread

I wish I could run class for a day

Maybe my peers would listen to what more I need to say

Especially those who could have been saved from going the wrong way


If you have paid attention more closely to your broods

They wouldn’t feel so misunderstood

Simply shut your mouth and eat soap

Unlike dope you showed how un-addictive you are

We could fiend for your guidance, but wont

If you did not have your panties or draws on so tight

But here and now your words have proved right


My whole life depends on one letter grade

Sitting here in class eatin these better-mades

As time passes, things sink in, I learn

That telling my mama on you in turn

Helps me out when I feel you aren’t being fair

And pump faking words I spit I dare

You to call and send emails

This dog or female dog, I think in my head

Deserves nothing but to stay in bed

And teach no longer to the broods they dread


When we get it in in fights

I don’t give a Finuck! I want you to swing

If you want to lose your job why go down without fighting

So I won’t have to further give you morning greetings.

You are not my favorite teacher

As boring as a preacher

I dread the very thought of waking up and seeing you

LOL you just have no clue.

You walk with pride in every stride

Yet you don’t see your co workers

Doing hand gestures of “I’d like to choke her”

You can’t imagine how bad we wish

Someone would “bust your cheeks”

Or “wet that willy”

You ain’t had some good good in a while clearly.

If it wasn’t for this Letter and Citizenship

I would have been saying all kinds of sh*t

To speak my mind, tell you I’m not having it

I’m Passionate about making your life

A living hell because you do the same with mine

You, learning, is about damn time

That you see things are way

Your job depends on us

When you get on that bus

And come to school remember

That it is not yet December

And you have to deal with our

Bad a**ness for forever til that hour

When the bell rings at 2:15pm on a Friday afternoon

And after that, we chuckle and say see you soon.



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