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We fell in love in late spring  As cool wind nipped at our cheeks  we found warmth in each others bodies  Our love blossomed into the summer Hot, sunny days  Walking trails hand in hand 
                                       Siamo a settembre Estate ha appena perso gli arti Il suo calore, la sua bellezza e la sua tenerezza.  
We are in September Summer just lost her limbs Her warmth, her beauty and her tenderness.  
i wake up and eat ice cream suddenly i rise with scream there was a nasty booger inside then i went out in the yard to try some sun tart there was a sharp thing that meet with my feet
Tears over death Not because you’ve left Without saying goodbye Oh! I cannot tell a lie.
Three. Two. Maybe One weeks left. What will happen next? What will happen to my friends?  What will happen to the Friends that won’t be back in the fall?   
SeasonsFour seasons in a year. summer is the best one . in the winter it's cold . The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau.
Seasonsfour seasons in a year summer is the best one  in the winter it's cold  The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau then comes the hot,sticky and, humid summer 
I always used to say I hated summer Something about the heat Or the sun burns Or the bugs flying around No matter where you go But it wasn’t entirely true You see It’s true that I hated summer
If you plant the seeds of loveYou'll reap gorgeous flowers of loveIf you spray the seeds of hateMany plants and treesWill blossom flowers of hateAnd you won't like the fateNobody enjoys death and miseries
Santa Claus and sleigh bells in hundred degree heat Laughing boys with new bikes tearing up the street Snowmen and reindeer just don’t seem to match With the crack of the willow and screams of ‘catch’  
Color is irrelevant To me It is the natural beauty Which is absolutely Dazzling and important To me
Summer means no shoes 95% of the time. Having popsicles at least 2 times a day. It's so dark that you won’t even recognize yourself pale. Staying up so late that you have to wait only another half hour until sunrise.
The sun feels like happiness soaking into my skin  The waves sound like music to my hears  There is laugher and smiles shared all around the sun
When sunshine breaks through the clouds and warm breezes rustle branches and make the ripples on a pond Summertime When bullfrogs leap to and fro and rabbits frisk in meadows
Time was like water but you were like wine Sweet ocean, bruised, black, and bleeding the times Yeah, time was like water but you were wine I cant remember when you were mine
Oh to be the wind  blowing so gently Oh to be the strawberry  Red and scrumptious  Oh to be... wait The bumblebee?  I don't know about this.... well, if you say so. 
I wish I would have jumped into those pools, that the fear of how big the splash mught be, didn't paralyze me. I wish that I didn't spend every pool party cowering in my Dad's oversized tee, 
leave the windows open all day; let the house forget the feeling  of dust and fingernails. make the doors wing open with haste;  feel the souls of children bleeding out with the urge 
twinkling silver moon earrings, my planet fitness membership, three advil tablets, a pink and orange velvet dress (to twirl in), a purple ribbon from Philly, an expired target gift card, my octopus blanket, a book about womxn, old spice
Rain in the summer. Listen to the pattering, Fresh and reviving.
Inhale the scent of fresh cut grass,  Smelling crisp in the morning dew.  The fighting hummingbirds begin their clash,  As the morning starts anew.  While Spring's lovely days  Are warm and sweet, 
  Every spring a new flower blooms in remembrance of the previous year.
today,  she reminded me of pink lemonade -  the perfect cool-down on a warm summer's day. other days, she made me think of honey -  sweet and pure and very, very rich, 
In bleak seasonI sought out your radiancethe warmth of it spilleddown upon medriving away coldnessin grey days   I baskedworshipingdrinking in lightlike nectar  
Blinded as I peek, Nudging my chin towards the nearest peak. Childish movies flicker off screen, My stretches met with a thousand sun beams. Walls hug the wise orange sky,
there’s nothing like a summer evening hair loose and feet bare dumb grins and happy stares the sun hits the air just so and the world glows
I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes in a mischievous sort of way
i'm just so tired and angry and summer is closing in on me i wish i could just stop thinking about that dumb boy all fucking day i'm wasting away
And here I go again Off to the books Soon I'll be weeping on them Wetting the very pages I hungrily eat through in October I'll miss how the sun felt on my skin
words spill out of my mouth and ooze from my skin at the sight of a july day spent in the sun admiring the light slipping through the trees and onto her skin
it’s late at night i’m laying in the grass with warm company and a full day in my past leaving me feeling filled to the brimthere’s a smell of kids running in the streets and jumping in pools 
She smiles through her tears Like rain on a hot summer day The drips are still falling but It’s bright and Beautiful And you can just glimpse the
Summer is reflection. Learning about yourself
Love on the blue Baltic Sea The love I call Baltic melody,   Love, there’s a love That’s hard to seize, Love carried by the summer breeze,   Love on the blue Baltic Sea
I entered the cold and windy sea To see what I could see There was something I had in mind A treasure I couldn’t find   I was searching for a crab To fit the habitat that I had
We’re just enigmas The stigmas I don’t understand it The world, how will I manage A new generation full of ideas reprimanded Millennial
summer was a loud season,with joyous screams and laughterfrom adventures at the beachand shenanigans with friends.  
Getting deprived of air Fighting to survive The pain I can't bare Slowly closing my eyes  Next moment body on the ground Choking up water My screams are very loud Like being through slaughter
A day in August; hot as hell. mark time mark! and I'm not doing well. But I'm doing my best. and that's very good. but you're not the best.
And in that summer we seemed infinite Hair streaming behind us as we flew Down the neverending driveway Pebbles skidding out of the way Of our whirling wheels Shoelaces flapping against the spokes
In the moment that i realized I love you, my life became an endless summerRays of light pierced through the skyMy heart blossomed as the sunflowers do& the salty ocean waves crashed playfully onto the shore the way your lips crash onto mine My
This ain’t about a girl It’s about my favorite season When winter rolls around I can’t find one good reason To even go outside
Memories are funny little things, Neatly filed away and tucked into little manilla folders in the back of your mind, Watching,Waiting, For just the wrong time.They slip;
Sweating and smiling in spaghetti straps blowing bubblegum and peeling it off the edges of their lips, pruned, stretched, flattening it against the backs of their teeth and the corrugated roofs of their mouths. 
a whisper hangs in the balance of dusk and dawn suspended in the dew that tiny droplet that holds a million rainbows when the first glimmering ray of sunshine still clinging to the horizon, wakes.
The forest greeness I have seen from my warm home Creation of God
The sun turned up the volume today, Now we're all covering our ears Call it summer Call it the humidity Call it nowhere's quiet enough,
I’ll remember You Through time’s filter Turning thoughts yellow And blue, flowers Wilting, snow Falling
Tan is a state of mind It's not how your skin looks how it tightens and glistens It's how the tan came to be Through the fun and the games
The fall was harsh, the winter was bitter. A frozen field failed to yield spring life except for one flower. It was no quitter. It pushed and pounded on the ice in strife  
PART I Cupid’s bow spoke to me Its Honduran mahogany Cut piece by piece And carved into shape Etched with a design
In Fall, there are orange leaves on all the trees. It's the season of my birthday and Halloween. It's very dandy to get all that candy.
I inhale the aroma of deep fried pastries with powdered sugar Brahman bulls, pigmy goats, horses, occasional whiff of weed ...   Young son's initiation:  cotton candy,
As the heat of day is flung into evening's dusky sky, I, beneath straw-brimmed hat glance askance at you, reach for your hand, point to soaring pelicans and sea birds as they pass over palms, masts,
Summer mornings I'd watch as he of wing and tapered tail, royal and rust,
I'm independent as hard as it is. I'm accustomed to being cared for as dependent as that is. I appreciate the bruises as sketchy as it seems. I got rid of my leash as long as that took.
I can't help this mind of mine.  I can't tell if this is real or I only will it, I can't tell if this is how it'll be, or if you're just another force for me to assess and ignore, stress and deliver.
Treetops freckled the surrounding mountains from the months of March through October. The summer brought an art gallery of plants. This part of Oregon is beautiful year-round.
I look forward to The long summer nights, When we’ll laugh until we’re gasping for air, When we’ll run through the grass pelting each other with water balloons. We’ll clink our glasses of water
Ever quiet Ever still Green and gold Speckled with white   A soft humming grows Whizzes by Fades   Leaping and laughing the trees begin to dance
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
 But with a sweet forgetting The distance between us…   The clouds that are cool for all their setting Pure as rose-lipped shell
Blue sky paradise. It's 2 in the morning. The sun is gone, but not for long.   I had to say it twice -  that I didn't know how it had been going since you'd been gone.  
(Hook)Hearts burningLike the pavement ofa summer in the city.11:57, 3 mins to 12
Institutes of red-golden desert heat, Of heaven and of hell, both calm and storm, The rotten thrones of summer don’t rule me.   Flickering midnight jives, my fairy feet Dance in fetid, humid air, July-warm.
An unyielding ray of sunshine slapping the cheekbone, How delightful.
to my Sun   Thou supply all need, My riches because of you The harvest of my fruit Forever.  
Dear Self,  
As the weather changesAnd seasons passI take in the worldSpinning around meSlowly, quickly
Dear No One, winter comes around, feelings of warm and comfort completes me, spring comes around, but the thought of being scared and helpless fills me,  summer is right around the corner
what I remember about you. Calloused toes perched on the edge of a rough wooden plank, goggles pulled tight against SPF-oiled skin. Untamable golden-brown curls submerged in Ozark waters.
Red, orange, yellow, brown. A Technicolor, rainbow town. Children go outside and play. Even though the clouds are grey.  
My summers used to consist of waking up to the sun high in the sky, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and slip n slides.  But as time went on, and I got older, the neighbors moved aw The water fights, replaced with my phone.
What an interesting feat to recall What Hannah was composed of in January of 2017   What made her tick? What kept her going? Junior year was kicking her butt That memory remains
Dear cicadas:   Remember when breakfast was a cup of coffee and a cigarette, every morning standing with my back to the wind-- the glass statue,
grass   shoeless tiptoes on summer days on top of sharpened blades water running down plummeting down to the alive ground  
Dear Seniors,  Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town That nobody has ever heard about In the depths of Ohio, You should appreciate it.
Dear Seniors,  Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town That nobody has ever heard about In the depths of Ohio, You should appreciate it.
I see that everything is changing, everything is falling into place.  And as I watch the seasons changing, I know nothing will ever be the same.  I can see that Spring is on it's way,
Why can't I just be a bird, that reaches up to the sky looking down at all the views and always free to fly? Why can't I just be the sun,
Summer Talk to me with your words full of shattered colors. Whisper in my ear and tell me things that should have mattered all those months ago.
The horizon doesn't seem too far,  The sun's heat gives me warmth, Though I am so close, It doesn't burn Slowly, all my fears are melting away.
Spring has passed and Autumn hast, Yet to come.  When she is crowned,  The trees bend low.   Underneath the apple tree,  The pixies and fairies doth sleep.  'Tis plain as day, 
Before playing hide and seek We took a flash photograph in deep dusk The two of us, arms wrapped around each other Beaming as her sister snapped the shutter.   Returning to our campfire
I waded in the waters of nostalgia, of heartbreak.   Dancing under the veil of midnight glamour, the ghost of laughter admist unkept promises.   Silence, fractured her,
i think the ocean will love you so long as you come to her when her lover, the sun, has gone. she will tease you to her shores like silk sheets,  she will sing to you like a siren calling your name so longingly and lovingly,
Pencils placed in pouches, Books placed on shelves, My brain is full of spider webs- From a summer spent so well. Time to get to work, And register for classes. The days are getting darker still,
Inside summer's chrysallis, water burned.   A pulsating haze scorched the fledgling cornstalks and slammed into the thick silver mist stemming from the nearby stream. It called to mind the distant dread of winter,
Much of Nature moves at night Under the dusky night sky, one shining bright star  In the distance it shines down upon us  Whilst frogs move out of their hiding place Bats navigate and try their flight  
I pause for a moment checking my pulse, just for kicks Drums set the pace that my heart readily follows   Momma tries to discuss the farmer’s market but relents
Suns out guns out mywill to work has given outTime for a good nap.
Summer love You glanced my way one summer day,You, a world apart;You smiled, we touched, you're unawareI lost to you my heart
My America is red; Cherry lemonade by the side of a pool In the summer of my childhood Lips stained with sugary popsicles and fresh watermelon.   It is red like Coca Cola; The kind from glass bottles
i just wanna write love songs about a specific person in mindinstead of just a conceptbecause concepts aren't warm or tangible Concepts don’t drive you home
Gaping holes in your earnest ramblings you Wait for me to fill them like a floral puzzle piece discovered under the couch
Spring is a cheerful And warm time  Flowers are blooming Birds are singing And having babies The cold climate is going, And spring is near              
Sitting by the pool, I squinted my eyes at the torrid back yard, my lawn chair slightly separated from the others. My glass of iced tea sat within reach, ready to rescue an overheated and dried out tongue. 
I gaze out at the nothingness beneath the depressing gray sky. The ground is a grave. The trees are skeletons. They have recently been stripped of their skin. Oh when will I see my love again?
yesterday i realized i am better now and i was proud for the first time since april today
She has the name of a season. My least favorite season, but she makes it adorable. She has the most beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.
Still and silent I float in the deep blue, the ocean is my master and I its slave.   Heels, check. Face, check. Glasses – better leave those here – check.
Only yesterday feeling eight or three, But here I am, turning seventeen. So many changes have happened in the past year,
Never had I ever imagined a summer to be quite like that. The feeling of love and loss and freedom all tangled up in one. We were isolated in a place that was never isolated.
January – Just establishing new year resolutions, just dreaming about who I want to be, just looking back over the past year The Beginning.
I didn't used to feel this cold. I was the kind of kid that kept summer within them. I went barefoot through the snow, I wore shorts late into the fall. Never brought a coat. That was before I met you. 
An unplanned gathering,  Turned into a landmark event.  Ocean waves become steady heartbeats. 
Sitting in the grass as the fall breeze flows around me The sun going down behind the pasture where our horses graze Learning a song on my guitar that I just heard on the radio This is my happy place
  It all begins with a single song Drifting, fluttering, singing along. The sweet scents of a thousand flowers As they mingle through the air, It only lasts for what seems an hour,
The Sweetness of Summer is a distinct flavor.
An endless summertime bliss at a tall, tan, inviting home on the beach, The waves of summer roll in and slowly leave an impression in the white sand, A girl, seventeen and beautiful, filled with freckles
The butterflies begin to flit and fly. / The dandelions pop up, little poles / of green and yellow, fluffy, light and spry. / The sun begins to burn like blazing coal.
You light my fire all through the night until day breaks then you are my light you are my  warm sunny breeze
Feet in the sane, drink in my hand, I love livin by the beach.  My girl by myside, positivity i cant hide, im feelin great. Food on the grill, a sip of a beer, and chill. Waves cool us off, in the summer heat.
Singing with The Smashing Pumpkins      at sunset. Slumberous teenagers sinning      on swing sets. Soul mates trapped in      sundripped snapshots. Sipping a strawberry shake-      two straws.
From sandblast windows out I spy a flock of gulls in flight   and I yearn to coast the ocean, on a charter, strong and light.   Sail o'er the deepest trenches With a map of stars at night. 
The hot sun is bright It shines down on everyone But soon dark leaves fall
Love diesIn sunset eyes,And under the sunShe fades.   Through strange summer daysAnd dark autumn haze,My dreams take me farBeyond cosmic rays.  
A place like this, It’s beauty so great, Fills hearts with wordless ecstasy, And floods minds with supernatural bliss:   A chandelier of stars pulses with radiance Above lush carpets of grass
The sun shines yet it storms. The grass grows yet it withers The rivers rage yet it dries. The breeze blows yet it warms. It is summer.
Barren stems more than emptiness -within the confines of lost and broken,resilient as beauty is -Hope that awakens in white flowersto kiss you dreams that you areso welcome to take. 
Heat. I love it. Heat. Does it love me? Dehydration, sunurns galore. It hurts. Sun, bright, burns out my eyes. Why, do I sit in it, do I fight for it, do I wish it into existence. For summer fun?
I'm not much of a creative writer. I'm not a genius, and I'm not a fighter. Just an average student on break going day by day, Missing the plentiful dining hall buffet. I sleep all day like a newborn baby,
The air is thick but the breeze runs swiftly, And the road winds daintily As you drive us to our favorite place. The one we know so well From years of picnics and adventures,
The wind blows through my hair Connecting me with the air The sun warms my skin Making me want to grin The summer air brings me delight
You are immune to the Devil’s wrath; you walk the straight and narrow path Walking with grace and style; your eyes shine like the River Nile So slender and so fair, your fragrance so potent; you have blossoms in your hair
I don't think anyone understands how lonely and depressed I am. I don't try to hurt myself in any way. But I'm just so unhappy with life.   And it hurts to get up every day, acting like everything is ok.
It smells like November on the cusp of summer. I know the cool days will be gone soon It's a sign of change An omen, warning me that this is the last of the good days.
Smiles are sunrises and spring flowers. They rise and grow from the joys of life. So smile.  And bring beauty into this world. 
Shall I compare thee to a winters night? You're darker by far and more pervasive The chill in the air kills any thought of staying out longer Rushing me inside to drink something hot and cuddle down
Sunshine beaming golden heat For lots of fun outdoors; Vacations, for a sweet retreat To mountains, plains and shores.   Dogs running in the wind
I don't know anything about the things in this Steve Miller Band song I think maybe, despite that, my love for it is totally justified Ya know, I think that you don't have to understand something to love it
  Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation, With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.
The first of the month brings light to our lives, birds in their nests and bees in beehives. We know that summertime is coming up soon so were hustling and bustling and stressing about school.
the culdesac is quieting. the sun is readying for bed, and the streetlights are soon to come on. most have been called in for dinner, yet a few stragglers still remain, in denial of both the ending day,
I can’t live without the first scent of the fall breeze. I can’t live without stomach aches from laughing so hard with my best friend when we haven’t seen each other in such a while.  
  Sticky, sweet summer heat, melts the makeup off of the faces, of the "pretty girls". Happiness comes in all forms, like the sun at half-staff and the sweat beads  on your furled forehead,
In the dim suburban townhouse in which I stay,there’s a photograph of my extended family,smiling together on my grandpa’s lawn on Kelley’s Island. I visit there every summer, and that trimmed grass has never changed.The mini-golf course hasn’t cha
Rakish reflections pass from an Aging streetlight to grace your cheek; The soft touch of that fragile golden glow Compliments the green looking back at me   The smell of smoke is fast asleep
  I feel relaxing, As I look at the flowers Colorful, cheerful, and bright. ……………………………. Summer, hot, and the sun No cold, no snow, and no school Sea, beach, and the tan. ………………………………
Summer sounds, float down suburban streets.The noisy hum of cicadas,the squeaky whir of portable fans,the hearty crunch of watermelon seeds,the hollow clink of ice cubes, suspended in sticky lemonade.
We were like a summer suntan. It took time to create but once it was there Man, it was beautiful.   We had it all. We were the romance of movies. It was quick and easy
Red, blue, and yellow, Colors of beach umbrellas Cooling off surfers From the summer heat to the Relaxation of the waves   Hot sand and cool wavesExperience of beaches Memories are made
Homemade Vanilla. The Great Divide. I can't choose--either side! Butter Pecan.  Cookies 'n Cream. I'd love some more! Yes, please! Dutch Chocolate.  Moo-llenium Crunch. It's my icecream! Don't you dare touch!
"The darkness of a shadow The trickle of a stream The sweet grass in a meadow] As light cuts through the trees The little barn owl swoops low As a mouse rustles the leaves
"The winter comes The summer goes The ground is covered up by snow The summer comes The winter goes Steams from glaciers finally flow The winter comes The summer goes
Salty air.  Salty hair.  What is better than saltiness everywhere?    Sunkissed skin.  Sunburned nose. 
It is this time of year again.  I can hear my heart beating so hard my chest might explode. I hear the steps in the halls getting louder and louder.  Flip flip of the text book your reading. 
Blazing heat cripples us to nothingWater is begged to be usedThe harsh sun so hot  
His face. A gentle face. A kind face. One that seemed to                                    slowly                                              seep into your soul and sleep
I am putting my summer clothes away And replacing them with my nice new school clothes. I put away my sunscreen And take out my school supplies. Tommorow is the day that I begin school.
Many summer days don’t start off like this You’re out from school, listening to music, and on the phone “Double date? To the movies?” sounds like bliss
October midnight falling star in the dark sky- summer’s soul has passed
I'm a moth attracted to light,it's hard not to be attached When my eyes met yours I see an imaginary world My lips met yours and it's a fire within December When I start to care is when trouble arises
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
I am the girl who never seemed to be alone in the halls I am the stranger with the goofy smile that you remember in your freshman class
You are his Summer Girl. His Early June. His Late July. You are his quick fix. His in-between. You are his fall back. His default. You are the One That’s Always There. Baby. Do not mistake this for love. 
I will arise and go now to these waves of blue and gray Powder sand roll and black rock jetty Holding my own and wanting to stay. Nine footer in sand and cast net ready  
A warm summer day built to the past. Rising mist, lifting air and whistling sounds. Days at school not to hold the last? No heavy breathing, no heart that pounds.
It's autumn season but I'm hot like it's summertime. The leaves are changing color from green to yellow, But I'm mellow when I'm riding Summer's vibes. Days get more bright and warmer
Yes, the sun shines bright, brighter than almost all things. But it can't brighten me.
Gentle gale, why art thou blowing,For do you know it is scarcely eight in the morning?Instead of focusing on numbers and words,Thou hast tempted me to soar among birds,Free in the sky, without a care in the world,
Nearly three months of joyful bliss,Are soon to be cut short and sorely missed,For tomorrow commences a new era in time,It marks the death of summertimeChildren no longer may bask in the sun,
She dances with an icy heart, cold, unyielding to rays of light. She creeps up, plants a kiss upon your cheek, A forgotten lover leaving traces of frostbite in her wake. There is no beating in her chest;
Dearest, I must say good bye. Do not be dismayed for time flies.
when he kissed her he breathed summer air into her winter lungs
We put our things away, it was no longer time to play. We had our fun, now our summer is away. Though summer, I wish, would stay. Its crippling debt that makes me say so. Other wise Ide give winter time more of a go.
I catch you summer breeze and suddenly time stops, A moment of appreciation sets in. It seems you wait until I have forgotten your cool touch. I can't help but feel a smile begin.  
We sit here to hide from the heat:  Mom, my older sis, my younger sis, and me. 
*This poem was inspired by Teva Mayer's "Autumn's Child."  I loved it so much that I decided to write about his playmate.*  
Upon a mid-summer afternoon The curtains find release Dancing with the wind Fluttering with the breeze Silent
How about that weather? It's great isn't it? Feeling your summer days, with that cheerful summer haze? No school in session, no cliques to worry about,  isn't everything awesome?  
Summer love Some call it a Summer Fling
Family, memories, nights full of laughs Parties with cookies you split into halfs   Fireworks, memories, running on docks Changing in bathrooms, forgetting your socks  
Time flies by so fast. In an instant life has passed. You sit at home and wonder how can yesterday be the past? Time is of the essence, that's something we all knew. But if I had more time I'd live each day anew.
Raving recognition increases terror
The beams of light hit the spirited waters creating Glistening diamonds, Sparkling crystals, And little specks of happiness. The warmth radiates across my body As I run my hands through my Soft,
Have you ever looked at someone and felt completely warm? In the coldest of winters they filled the holes in your heart with patches of summer. You couldn't look at them without smiling or urging to share a laugh.
The radiant energy from the sun shines  Reveals itself through the cracks of the in between branches of oak trees As you exhale as a long sign of relief You inhale The scent of freshly cut grass
At last! Free from school! Hot, sunny days-- pool weather Lemonade with straws
The words on your lips  Could make dying men smile; But my stomach does flips: Your nature is to beguile.   We talked until the sun Blazed down on your fair skin;
Sandy feet, light brown ocean, and a vast open sky. My week before this was stressful, burdensome and I thought I was going to die. It was hour after hour of work. It was draining; tearing at my soul.
OH! the joys of Summer
They whistled from the backyard until us little ones Came trouncing through the woods Covered in sap and ticks, scrapes and red cheeks. We rolled down the big hill at top speeds Just to feel our ears pop,
            I’m a big fan of stars. Stars have the ability to make you wonder and make you think. A million thoughts cross your mind when you’re looking at the sky, as if there was a different thought for every star.
Pot Luck Papa My dad brings odd things to the table. The contents of which, are appropriate for fable. Succulent shrimp and other crustaceans delight. While odd concoctions bubble, giving children a fright.
Last summer I drank my heart away and my insides became soggy. Sitting against alcohol my 
We drank our cups of lemonade From the highest of tree tops The school week is buried deep inside Our brains have seemed to pop   We laid outside for hours With no knowledge in our minds
its the grass burrs stickig to your sock its the way the water looks wen you skip a rock. its the water glistening when the sun hits just right. its how it looks even prettier reflecting th moon night.
The cold winter breezes are turning warm, fading into the wet spring that I've always known. A weight presses on my chest, lifting somewhat but always  lingering,
When I was a kid,
My shoes stepped onto the land filled with falling snow,                         My blondish hair shined in the cold day,                 My brown eyes, stare at a wondering crow,                     
off                                                                     y                                                                     a
I've been told love is a summer breeze,
There’s something
I sit on the pavement, legs crossed. Tinted plastic shielding me from
“My dreams are humid from sun and water and heavy from cornbread and clabber milk”
You run your fingers through my hair while I sway to the beat
Hello my darling, 
Hot glazing sun All day of fun Diving into pools And no school! More time for play Hooray! I wish it would stay Fireworks and barbeques Sparklers and then adieus Then it's gone
No Laughing No Screaming No crying Not even a sound Climb up the rail Its summer So the water isn't too cold But its night so the water looks black How deep is the water?
Tuve un vistazo del cielo Exhalo un gran exhalación Un aleteo en mi pecho El mano en el muelle y empujón  
My last day of summer. There's such a bitter sweet feeling to this day. There's a couple different ways to look at it: As I called it; The last day of summer the last day of 4am phone calls
Brisk dancer I move with such grace
Flashback to the simple times Your skinny jeans black, your t-shirt white ‘Cause now you're covered up in layers and lies It seems you've forgotten we had one hell of a ride
Summer Nights, In a crescent of song. Moonlit beams, graciously falling from faraway stars Palm to palm, in a continuous hold When the dawn comes, we’ll wake again 
On a wet and windy noon, I feel the rain and the pain as I run. Aware that the day will end soon, I return home after great fun.   When nights fall, I sit in my room and fear
Summer's rays warm and bright, Ocean waves of teal and lime. So soon the day to night,
Coffees in our hands, smoke in our mouths. The morning is nearly-silent, hoarse mutterings. Chipped teeth on glass bottles, pounding bass. Sticky fumblings, trembling hands. Sweat.
I am lusting after the red melon green lights making amber on your skin
Summer was the best.
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
Emblazoned within the wet works of my brain, A time remembered as happiness so true— There rests a memory, mellifluous too, As the bees buzz with the sun’s rays and warm rain.  
The summer days are over. School has just begun. But, Who says we can not have fun? When the leaves fall, we will run and play. But, when it's too cold out inside we will stay.
The summer begins, fresh taste on my tongue. New shoes on my feet, hair blowing in the wind. New girls, new boys, fresh heart, trust. Walking by the beach, talking by the docks. My heart starts longing to see him.
Apples galoreCrisp fall airSunshine foreverplays with your hair. Hay mazes andPumpkin patches.Again the world whorls.Your breath catches.
You taste… Like the summer home, Grass overgrown, And all alone. We stand…by the Oceanside, Life passes by, Our hearts collide.   You taste Like a bitter end,
Your Love is
Now the summer has come and gone. The school year starts like the break of dawn. On the far horizon I see its glow. What lies ahead?  I do not know. I'll find out soon, I have no doubt.
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
The cool of the air sweeps me off my feet And the wind rustles my hair ever so gently. It entangles itself like the fields of wheat that the sun lays her hands upon.
I run into an open sky. I watch the sunset and within the orange and pink horizon I see me. I see myself at just 5 years old walking into a new surrounding. I see my teacher anxiously awaiting 
Air fresh with excitement,  
My home is not a house
Not the common joys of laughter and hobbies but the impossible.   Certainty. Certainty brings me joy. Knowing that I will be secure that I will succeed that I can make it into college
Oh Doctor, my Doctor                                                                                                                 grinning infectiouslybrown pinstriped suit, brown hair, brown eyes
Grass that grows up to my knees, The sounds of soft fluttering leaves in the trees, I lay my head on soft pillows in bed at night, Watching out of my window the distant stars that shine so bright.  
when you smile, i smile. We smile together. my favoite is to wach you smile. i love to hear you laugh, i adore when We do it together   i love being the cause of your smile i work to draw it out
Summer time so sweet, The last one this one beat, The problem of this season so prime, Is the key element, The element of time.
to write all the things that make me want to jump up  and twist and shout i would make a never ending list   you would be reading for days there would be repeats
I like the sound that emmits from my headphones, the colors that cover the pages of my sketchbook. The sun that shines so warmly when I sit out on my porch, Literally heaven for even just a few minutes.
Now that summer washed away, and school is in full swing, I realized there's no time to play, or warmth until this spring.   I must look beyond the gray, and look for all that's good,
On tuesdays,  We went to the movies. And I wouldn't trade a dime,  To have worked those nights,  Instead of eating popcorn.    In June,  We went to the beach.  And the heat of the sand, 
Light glittering gently off crests of lapping wake   thick rusty chains groan   in protest of my featherweight     fresh cut wet grass  
On a hot Sunday evening,
When you ask “How was camp this year?” my mind freezes. 
i think I am awesome, yes i do I think i am awesome and you will too competitive sports are my passion love to sport my volleyball fashion lacrosse is another favorite I just always crave it
The second season, the sun beats down, with the potency of a thousand nuclear reactors. Ever unbearable, And ever sweltering, the season of the sun is one where you suffer.
Blue waters and sandy beaches Pudding and diced peaches make summers so cool sun bathing by the pool. No need to worry nor scramble for books finish papers in a hurry
The other day, someone asked me what made you different from all the other guys I've dated. And all I could think of was how happy you make me feel But it got me thinking, shouldn't every guy make you happy?
An Arizona Moon   The moonlight that replaced the gleaming of the sun And cast its reflection over the dark, sullen landscape
a still, clear pond lays robin waits for a response but knows what awaits
 When it’s bleak outsideWhen the storm clouds cast an unquenchable darkness
He rushed over me, His touch cold at first, But so warm after. He'd pull in, Away, And I exulted in his rhythm.  When I wasn't submerged in him, Completely absorbed in his presence,
Breath in that light summer breeze.
Growing up is tough, rough, but I''m learning a bunch. About Who I am, Who I want to be, and all the new people I meet. Sometimes I wish my life would all slow down,  I'm becoming a Junior in High School 
Ode to Arizona on a Hot Summer's DayWritten by Adam M. SnowOh sweltering is summer's day of bliss,
grey and almighty gentle suffocation from
Five Twelve Fifteen Seventeen
I walk a lonely road in the dark Filled with thorns and thisles I hear music, see a small light I am wearing tattered old ripped blue jeans I am cold
Oh the beauty of the seasons
you got that summer time sadness
 Falling leaves The chilling air Darker days bring more despair
So hot and so dry, Sometimes I wonder why everyone enjoys the heat. Unbearable,  Crushing,  Suffocating!   But I manage,  and so do all my friends and peers.  Because summer is a time
Red, blue, yellow Colors of beach umbrellas Cooling off surfers From the summer heat to the  Relaxation of the waves   Hot sand and cool waves Experience of beaches Memories are made
Strolling in perpetual seabreeze The leftcorner lips curl Eyeshield purple vision glow Sleeves stripped legs unfurl   Deepened dark reddened white Trappedsun tresses  salt wave
It is summer again.
Home is a small place that somehow still has room for everyone. Home is filled with strangers. Definition: Family you've yet to come to know. 
A day recedes,     I'll chase down one more nightA lamed and hobbling Spring     tries to outrun the tideof all the misspent monthsand all this wasted time
My summer love, with the passion of the sun's warm rays and by night you're a gentle breeze, giving ease to a busy day.
Fireworks. They're beautiful, aren't they? But, quite tragic, tbh. I mean, Yes, they're stunning. And, everyone gathers to gaze in awe.
Cages thrown deep into the Hudson The fishermen smoke stogies on the pier I fear- that I might get sick for the air is thick with the stench of smoke and chum  It stabs at my nostrils on my morning run
Sunlight bends at crack in my door trying to sneak a peak into my studio apartment I hide from the cruel outside beneath these sheets Skin pale as the moon And although it's June
The sun is shining down on my face The mud is dryin' up in this place I can feel the heat every which way
Its a cycl
Sunsets are filled with laughter & beauty. The music of summer plays until dawn. Have fun for three months, what a duty.   Ms.. Burgeu, next door, is the definition of moody
a cool breeze brushes across my face  the smell of grass and dirt fill the atmosphere, the crickets they chirp so loud, breaking through the silence of night the glow of fireflies dace around the field ,
She’s the rainbow at the end of an autumn storm, I’m the mud that seeps through your shoes. She’s a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, I’m a snow blizzard that you see on the news.
I sit In my stuffy bedroom, Ceiling fan buzzing, Doing little to fan the flames in my head. You struck a match in my brain That has been contained over time, But to this day,
The sun is shining high in the sky, summer fun is just nigh. 
Another flight overhead of the Arctic  Flying into smog-filled Beijing, the sky is a friend who has dyed her hair black A friend who is a stranger, a friend who smokes.
I watch from inside as the afternoon breeze flows through The lush green leaves of the overhanging trees out front I hear from my desk the hum of airplanes flying high And the snap of the flag in the sky to the side
  A sweet summer breeze
Do you remember when i met you? You liked your denim blue. Remember that day in the summer Now I feel quite a bummer You thought i was crazy You left my vision hazy Can I hold your hand again?
Those were “my girls”, Those were “my niggas”. I didn’t care about what no one said about me,
It is my serenity My escape when reality is too much to bare. Freedom among that unexplainable And you are the guide.   You guided me here, To this vast wonderland of beauty.
The lone days of summer that alters your attention to yourselfSummerThe days that will last for hours and create new memoriesSummerThe season on which you will learn how to say goodbye Summer
"No more school!" The children shout around me It's summer again at home   Time for relaxing  and reading  and friends  and fun.  
Memories, Memories of all these days,
It wasn’t all that pretty  
The cold Winter night
I am chained in a cage. Exposed and vulnerable like a nerve. But the joke is on them. I may be trapped, but I'm not a captive.  The fire in me would make Hades run for the hills.
The thing about summer Is the sky that turns so blue That even the purest Most iridescent gem Cannot match the depth of color   And the thing about summer Is the sound of leaves
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
By: Anyssa Q  E  Down into the valley lea; painted gold with atumn crept leaves, a blanket of mulch for dandelilies, in the blazing streams of summer rays.           
The way he held me made me realize That perhaps I was capable of feeling something like love.  Not the sappy, uniformed kind; some raw, passionate almost illegal sort of love. When he looked at me,
To Saturday mornings, wisps of cool air pressed softly against my skin.  The sign that soon Summer will overtake us, a promise of peace and calm rising before all others are up.
My girlfriends and I were in the gym.I lifted five pound dumbbells. They went on the most intense machinesat the highest speeds.Sweat poured out of their pores
My dream job is managing a restaurant I love all the different types of smells that come out of a kitchen
Everyone is sun burnt and extremely tired, But we have to make sure the next act is on fire.   Yes, they are just performers on stage, Simply letting go of their built up rage.
I never thought about life in
Everywhere I go is somewhere I’ve been 
You asked me what I wanted.I didn’t know what you wanted to hear,So I looked at other people’s poems.And I realized that what I want is, essentially, the same as themTo be heard.   
Summer comes and goes Kissing my skin with its warmth Smiling in the sky
Drip drop, pitter patter
Red skies,
My summer can’t be described by a series of days but a series of phrases.
As summer gave way to fall
My dark blonde hair is craving the desire to be woken up by the sun's bright and shining rays, so that it can receive those natural highlights once again.
I miss the way the summer air filled my lungs.
I sit motionlessly, watching the bright rays of light dim over the horizon. I can hear the soothing sound of the waves striking the rocks, and the wet footprints running across the sand.
The world was an icy place until you shone upon the land. Your smile was the sun that thawed the spring. The sweet scent of you brought the flora to life. Our passionate stares burned like the long days of summer.
Blue summer sky, br
The warm sun on my skin,
  It is true things come easy for those who are young, when it hits them to run, having no regard for the course life sets before them.   Instead, a different course
I am the girl you laugh at every day I am the boy with scars on my arms I am the geek who hides behind books I am the jock who's scared of sexuality I am the cheerleader with the imperfect body
The hot sun beats down on my neck this sticky sweet popsicle heat. My destination is still blocks away My mouth and nose are dry and my shirt clings to me with sweat. I can see the park now
Those cool summer nights Not a cloud in sight Catching fire flies The glisten in your eyesOut under moon lit skies Time sure flys bye On those summer nights 
I don't even think that it's possible. For my heart to even go back to being lockable. Cuz my love for you is mildly tropical. I gives you mango, coconut, and some pineapples. We have that island love.
Fireflies dance beneath the moonlight, Their little bulbs flashing bright. The crickets sing their favourite song, Encouraging me to sing along. The smell of flowers tints the air,
The breeze, so warm and pleasant. The flowers, so beautiful and colorful. The voices of the kids playing across the street, so cute and heartwarming. The sound of the ice cream truck, so inviting and addicting.
Snowflakes unwillingly brighten the day They drop silently; so blissfully Through these gloves And frozen fingers They slip away Leaves and bright flowers Along a path They start their way
Life sometimes can play tricks on the distracted eye.  Sometimes you see the horizon but not the road ahead of you.  And sometimes there is no road and you have to find your own trail.
Can't believe this is my final yearI'm going to get home sick so where's the cureI'm at a stop like lights with a deerI'm on a long road and it's only just begun
. . . As of now I'm sitting here in my bedroom thinking Of the truth behind the lies and the games  It's such a shame that I'm hurting deep within of the bones that hold my frame What is there to do now but to wait . . . .
Floating Leaping Screeching Clawing your eyes out just to Spite you Spite me instead I can't live the way you want Me to. The way you look at me Tells me that you want me to respond.
 A   Broken record  Can  Deliver messages to other galaxies and  Etch in stone the   Fake desire that was  Gone before the  Heat could rise.  It’s the summer time.  I don't think we believe in space;  Just the time it takes to destroy it.
The summer's weather,blistering hot,does somethingno one ever thought.It twists the minds of those who gooutside to see the summer show.The sky so blue may hypnotize
Burning hot rays, skins of children stinging Humid damp air, people left in despair Sweat and heat is all the summer's bringing Shine down oh sun, scorching rays, so unfair  
So, let it out. Hold nothing back.Write like me.What I feel. What I think. What I know. Which isn’t much…This is all so new… I’ve never been in such an unfamiliar place.I love it and hate it, all at the same time.
Your softly spoken words filled the air, filled my heart, filled my soul. Your eyes locked with mine and in that moment I felt whole.
There are two ways to see this worshiped 3 month holiday, summer. Sunburn. Being passed the booze, as they drunkinly murmur "your turn" Full of friends, you never thought you would lose.
It’s been 12 yearsOf chores, work and sweat.We didn’t ask for itBut overall it was okay. We meet peopleSome were horribleSome were greatBut overall they were okay.
The final bell rings on the last day of school, All the anxious students can not wait to go to the pool. With flip flops and summer tans, We enjoy sipping out of our soda cans. The sun can be as hot as an oven,
Rippling, warm spring breezes Melting across my face, I’m rocking on a heal in the dirt Slouching against the chains of Reason. Chasing after the thought, not now, But basking in a golden abyss between
When the first leaf fades inside we go to grab our different apparel. When the first flake drops  inside we go to get our wood boards. When the first flower sprouts outside we go for the picking.
lemon sweet magnolia sticky melting in the trees. wild abandon in a dark forest, sunlight slots on a soft, mossy floor. kisses without care. wet raindrops on soft skin, cooling hot blood.
They come and they go. Winter surrounds me. Brains ache all around and shrivel here too. School is present to give us destiny. Every day some say "Hand in work" that's due. Turn heads away and never look back here.
                August 18th                                                                Wrapped up your last pair of good sneakers In the crease of my elbows Went walking in your arms
At 3:27 laughter Barrels from the cave of his throat Three times before I can finish my sentence This is the way strangers should always make love Teeth glistening in heat Mouths parted
As the snow melts.The love fades.No relationships.No work.Just play.Summers here.People have gone insane.They have no sense.The sun has fried their brain.The pool open and the school closes.No one can fathom the trouble that will unfold. Longer da
If I say anything, would you be shocked that I spoke? Yes I may be quiet and shy but what is the problem? I just don't have much to say...why judge? Why judge the fact that I'm quiet? Would you like for me to speak as loud as the eyes could see.
In the summer heat, I traipse across the brittle, freshly-cut grass. Cupped in my hands are wild berries.   Once inside my home, I wash them. When they shine like marbles,
The cool summer rain Falls in soft sheets Enough for umbrellas, but not for raincoats; Enough for me, enough for peace.
To my perfect summer as it comes to an end,and back to the school that I attend.This is a summer that I will miss,because it brought me so much bliss.From the friends' I've made and the things I did,
Although it is still summer, all my friends are at school And I'm here thinking: "quarter system, why you so cruel?" I was looking forward to the longest summer yet, But hearing others' fun stories just makes me upset
Summer was in the air, I roamed without a care.Although I lived in fear,Because the end could be near,I was never afraid,My mind was made.I would never let us fall apart,I could feel it in my heart.
In the winter, cold and bleak, I sat upon my window seat. Looking out into the world, I saw a bird perched in the snow. No doubt this bird was wishing for a drop of gold,
winter's, summer's, sun brings all of the life to be oh so very fun.  
tasted your cinnamon skin and your nicotine teeth like honey baby your tongue was  stickyslipperysweet you smell like cheap beer and taste like bad decisions another warm friday afternoon
You are everywhere The sea moves with the blue of your eyes The sun shines with the light of your smile the green car, the dusty road, the grass stains on the white dress You are the taste of a kiss long gone
Everyone looks forward to summer. Hooray! Summer is here! You call your friends to hang out, And your parents take you on vacation.   It’s been a month of summer break, And it’s been fun and games.
Golden amber drips over the supple rising of skin Made crisp by the summer’s sun, droplets catch in the curves of her lashes “Never” floats through the breeze
I don’t want to goBut I have toI gotta finish this180 weekdays will go by fastI won’t even notice time flying byI just have to make sureTime doesn’t leave me behindI have to be on top of my game
Night skies, stars shinning bright, hot summer.  cigaret in one hand, beer in the other.  Cherrishing every moment of it.  Hotter and hotter, the sun brighter making the ocean bright blue. 
If he walks by and sees youBe carefulYou're like rare pork lined and soaked in fresh bloodAnd just by the way he walks and talksYou'll undeniably fall for his perfect charm
Sand between our toes, sitting on the rocks, kicking off our socks, splashing with our feet, feel the ocean breeze, hair blowing back, sun kissing us so sweetly, such a beautiful day it is,
Why do women fall in love with men who are completely wrong for them? Is it a hidden sense kindled from our genetic nurturing trait that we think we can baby bad boys into good men?
Lie in the grass, feel the soft breeze. Listen to the birds play the keys. expose your skin, show yourself to the sun. Let yourself be, the summer is done. The woods still brown, the leaves still green.
Can’t wait to go back to school. After summer ends, it’s time to become a busy bee. Running against the clock, that’s gonna be me. Planning ahead, that’s starting to become my main tool.
Words are made of feelings, A breeze on a summer night. Words are made of real things, Fire from a candlelight. Piled together... just words? Or something a little deeper?  
One call in the fall. A text in the winter. You say you're at home but I see you out with her. Must pain you a lot that we broke up. Because 2 days later you two hook up. One smile in the spring.
I think about you when you're not by my beside You live miles away so that's almost all the time Even worse we're going to college separate ways  Both hoping the relationship will never fade
Hands lock, fingers curl. Eyes twitch. Just a few of the many things we do together. When walking on the beach, seagulls high above us. People waving hello as we get higher,
Summer in TampaBy Kelley Stead   In June the city has a feverIt sweats road rage and miseryThe people, sick to death of heatForget their manners and chivalry
The smell of honey suckle  Overwhelming the night air Damp and sweet The familiar smell soothes me I can hear the distant laughter  Children I suspect; innocent  But playing long after bedtime
In the summer we let our feet run black with dirt and pavement. Our heels pounded the sidewalks, our skin slapped the streets; each bound stung a little more than the one before.
  Goodnight to the rogue firework Shot by supposedly experienced teenaged boys Spreading the stench of sulfur in the lake air Spiraling towards the porch Screams of hyper children and tired parents ringing
He asked me why I loved him. I told him his words drew my heart in like the wind does a sailboat. And his laugh sounded the way a summer breeze feels.
  I love nights like this when the sky is opened into my window  and the world comes trickling in. I feel vines and tentacular veins pierce my skin and it's okay because yeah I'm not so tough as I look
I was so close to nirvana but disaster had to come Trembling, sweating dripping, heart beating like a drum It could be all over in an instant Leaving me crying in my bedroom, seeming senseless
Its a sad poem with no title. I did it today. I never wanted it to be like this Was it an accident? Was it life giving me a sign?
Summertime, you are so fine. The smell of fireworks on the fourth of July. You make me smile, you make me weak. Schools coming soon, & I'll miss the heat.
Summertime, you are so fine. The smell of fireworks on the fourth of July. You make me smile, you make me weak. Schools coming soon, & I'll miss the heat.
Autumn Wind rustles softly by as the forgotten wait for Summer's soft sigh to remember them and smile through the rain so they may reach for the sky once again
Eyes in a haze Rotund stomachs, child’s play Smooth lawn, shaded concrete- taut, cool Here I man my wagon   Tears erupt to greet the wind Hairs along my cheek Tongue on the edge of wet lips
Friends run around the blazing heat Capturing the sand under our feet Screaming like we've lost it all We'll party till the wheels fall Seeing stars in our eyes Not a care is given about how fast time flies
  A pungent aroma of pencils Crisp crackle of paper Small talk by the lockers Deafens us to sweet summer’s tune   Schoolroom walls replace Boundless fields And White boards
Sweet watermelon juice drizzles down my chin As I sit on an old park bench.                  The sun beams down brightly on the grass, Illuminating each and every single blade.  
Sleeping in can have its Pro's or like friends, it can be a foe. Having nothing to do can be gruesome. No friends to hang out with, no boyfriend to call, no side-kick to hang out with at the mall.
Deleted talent you should not have wentIn my heart that beats there are a few dentsThe dark will be there forever moreAnd my pillow will forever be the cureEyes are heavy and the body is weak
the overcast sea smells of cocoa butter and salt warm air floating heavy and a dead bird on the ground.   the streets are clear and gray summertime is over and the beach house windows are black
  Snow falls on the ground Blanketing the land in white Bright, cold, uniform.   Snow melts and flowers Rise up tentatively from The newly freed earth.   Flowers fall and leaves
I love the summer The way the sun kisses everything in its path drowning it in a glow as if it were lit up on a stage awaiting for anxious eyes to watch their performance.   The air
Our situation is an oddity, But honestly, it's got to be. He promised me To the Nth degree He fell for me.   And I ran with that. Matter-o-fact I take it back I captured that
These scars here are r e a l. Seems as though I -  Love -  You ,                      does'nt quite appeal. But this is how I f e e l. Like I could capture the whole world-right before your eyes.
She swims in the sun The valley is her bowl Her skin eats it up It's food for her soul This summertime soup- A mixture of desire- The bite of summer lovin' That's bound to take her higher
I want summer to bite me. Send me to bed wet With tile mosaics on the bottom of pools Find new ways to break my heart. By fall I want everything to be Leftover suntan lotion. And gold dusted hair.
Summer Time: Kids catching fireflies. No sunscreen=being fried. Making fires and s'mores. Camping in the great outdoors. Brain cells are dying.
It’s forever been a struggle to meet in the middle, The waves want to overtake the sand, But the sand wants to hold their own Constantly battling to have control
I dream of filling pages, but I never seem to have the words. I dream of being clever, to make people turn their heads and whisper, "how did she do that?"I want to leave them awestruck. 
The sun dost pass through the sky in the blink of an eye; ‘Tis but the foreshadow of the cometh of my foe. If only it would stay a bit longer, My sorrows might there be forgotten;
Dear Summer, Our relationship has, most definitely, developed since my years as a child We have shared many tears, smiles, through the years just you and I Every fall we say our goodbyes, and this year is no different
The days pass like rain Summer dies day by day, yes Why this, fun no more
The summer made us children again. Afternoons at the beach gave us seafoam dreams to run barefoot after through the streets. You pressed seashells into my palm while I dripped wet sand castles down your legs.
Sometimes summers are used for slight awakenings So we realize who we were to begin with So we find what we loved from the start And
Our neighbors, being our neighbors put him in a cardboard box by the barn so on coming home I would not, running to his corpse, collapse and cry there by the road. What care did you have, my little Summer
Can you feel it? The warmth of the sun the waves rolling with fun The way children sit, looking at the seashells they just collected, Look a crab, walking along the shore The cold water hits my feet
I’d be leaning against a thick tree, staring off into the green with a film of sweat across my lip and the smell of dinner slipping across the field mixed with the settling of the freshly-mowed grass. 
We gather. We wait. We silently anticipate. The sun dips down, The waves dance up. The crashing touch Of Mother Earth And the King of the Sea Produce a sight of beauty.
I was the sweater you put on after Summer, when the weather started to get colder. You were the voice I tuned on my car stereo, every night when I left home.
when you're mine, we can have all the hot summer sex we want and we don't even have to put our clothes back on when we're done either
It's cold tonight, Here in this soundless, white-canvased neighborhood. Tiny scratch marks are to be found barely notched into the surface of the snow. A shiver passes over us,
Crystallized drops of dew descend from skies Which spill their frozen tears onto the Earth. The careless sun has undermined their worth, Rendering their heart cold as slowly dies
It was the last day of summer And a brilliant orange hue illuminated the sky. My body, Laid serenely across a field of golden tinted roses Basking in the sunlight. The heat of the sun tells my heart to wake up
It is summer time Break out your Bermuda shorts And your fun flip flops
I do not remember exactly when I first met Summer. I only remember green eyes, the greenest I’ve ever seen. She took my hand, and I was surprised by its warmth. She wrapped me in her arms as we headed down the road.
Inside the school house Toward the window she stares. After the bell rings among her schoolmates she runs, Through the hallways, Past the class rooms, Outside to the warm fresh air.
Many want this and are in pursuit It’s hard to attain yet easy to lose Possession of riches or surviving in poverty Neither fix the problem at the root Infinite ways to get this feeling
(poems go here) Fire hydrant erupting with joy traveling bells roll down the block cars turn to couchs fold up chairs are permanently parked
The moral of the story is, the only way to learn to game is, to take a turn. I don't want to bore you with the names of all the rules, but you will learn. I just won't allow myself to pay for all the fools, sitting on the shelf.
Walking inside a white marble, Legions of snowflakes in the air, Like torrents of feathery arrows they swoop, Tucking-in the ground bare.
Long, hot, glorious The summer stretches before us. Softly wisp'ring smooth summer breezes, Shorts, Tank Tops, Flip Flops. 4-H projects are unexplored mountains higher than the blue summer sky.
Bright hues of orange of golden dandelion of bursting sunrises saturation of all colors saturation of all feelings an explosive concentration of stifling sticky crippling heat
Bright hues of orange of golden dandelion of bursting sunrises saturation of all colors saturation of all feelings an explosive concentration of stifling sticky crippling heat
Each summer I would go- Could it be that I’ve Gone there every year? You would Think it would get tiresome- Roaming those sand covered shores, Barefoot and wandering
Summer, oh sweet and tender your hot breeze and oh so bright sun makes me miss the days when all I had was fun No stress, nor worries, or homework to complete No reading, nor learning, or keeping my room neat
Started with the bright sunshine staring down at me Waiting for the strong heat to pack on in, so sweet Wind in my face, music blastin’ through the speakerphone Every day chillin' it, never seem to be at home
Sunshine, tree-shade Chugging on your kool-aid Late nights, boy crazed Don't forget to misbehave Swimming's in, School's out, That's what summer's all about
Her toes curl over the weathered wood. She watches the sun bounce off the waves, minnows swim peacefully below her. She looks across the lake, kids play and splash while botats speed by.
Summer Storms, then sunshine Breaks down the clouds quickly Heavy wet air splits the sunlight Apart
With sand white as snow Waters crystal blue sparkle The salty air blows. Music playing loud Their sweat dripping from their brow Players sense the crowd
Day one: fall. Orange leaves that crumple under shoes Crazy loud thunderstorms. Is it hot out or is it cold? The ever-falling leaves, like sand in an hour glass My days falling to the ground.
The dark, black sidewalk swallows the sun in the scorching days of summer. Beams of light glisten off of the water, sparkling as sailboats glide through. Children smile and play happily,
First, bring up the sun. Let it stand for two to three hours before moving on. Once your earth is thoroughly warmed, Go ahead and grow some grass, paying extra attention to its' color and softness.
Neon lights at dusk. Spinning silhouettes in the dirt, a cigarette butt on rusted paint. The tribal fringe and fireworks. The smells of hay and grease.
A green-skinned apple in your eye, An autumn sunset, a sweet pink sky, Who, with that mouthful of stars, Breathes summer on your meanest scars, And, with those long-fingered hands Always busy, lets you stand:
I see the clock counting time, The minutes passing by. tic tock tic tock… The noise in beat with my heart Is it the end of an hour, Or just a new start? Tic tock tic tock…
Graduation, here we come We pass on down the blue and white We're out of here, we're gone We're getting out tonight
I had this summer day where you were fire and I was sand, and we melted ourselves into a rare and perfect glass. Maybe we can be like marbles, well-rounded and varied, or maybe we can magnify
As I went down to the pretty ocean There was a very beautiful bright sun It stood over the waves that were in motion When I danced and played I had so much fun While the sun went down we started to cook
The drone of fans awakes you from your sleep And light sneaks in around your windowsill. The chill of night the new day will not keep, Yet work must start where all the blades are still.
Like many summer months in bloom, promising life, light, love When the sun would hug you in its warmth and caress your hopes with gentle rays of bright light and subtle praise
Across the boardwalk Over the dunes On the sand Near the water To the hotel
You and me and the aquamarine Drifting through lemonade skies You burnt my body with the sun in your eyes And I forgot to put on sunscreen
Close your eyes Feel the breeze Hear the wind In the trees Shed a tear Say goodbye Life is flying Right on by New beginning a fresh start Leaving home Breaks your heart
She longs for the summer, For days of sunshine and of thunder. Back to the place where happiness Isn't a chore And sadness is never an option, Not until "goodbye."
Once two strangers became two friends, over the course of summer’s night. Wonder of what the future might hold never crossed her young mind.
There was one day, When the world was hid away, That time in place did stay. The sun was high, Up in the sky, And summer didn't fly by.
A light rumbling calls my attention to the window where I can see the source of this interruption from the watermelon I was eating.
Smoky pores: so familiar sticky necks and inner elbows alone I am a flamingo in soft pink cotton free chested bare legged
Wake up to the smell of fresh cut grass. Close your eyes and soak in the sun through your window. Savor each moment, not wanting time to pass. Thinking how warm you are, listening to your neighbor mow.
The sun parts the shade and rays of light rest peacefully on my cheek. The glint and shimmer of the light echoes all around and breaks the darkness of shadows and gloom. They shout with joy and dance and illuminate and set the world ABLAZE.
Let us go to the beach and have fun We can play all day in the sun Just be careful not to burn Or bright red you will turn A sunburn would hurt a ton
i thank you for another season when i can wear my nike air uptowns and polo shirts looking proper like the words use in a paragraph though i have to watch my back for goons around the corner plotting
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