The State Fair

I inhale the aroma

of deep fried pastries with powdered sugar

Brahman bulls, pigmy goats, horses,

occasional whiff of weed ...


Young son's initiation:  cotton candy,

dragon tattoo, first carnival ride - arms outstretched,

swinging precariously overhead, laughing ...


make our escape - stroll amongst quilts,

painted, and woven until his new-found addiction


finds us amongst noise and confusion once again,

I with sideways glances at pimple faced youth

awkwardly flirting, holding hands, giggling

(a faint memory tickles the back of my brain...)


and my young son wired on sugar and temptation:

over-sized stuffed toys and roller-coaster rides

which I forbid.  Point him towards the bumper cars


and carousel - perhaps this will be the last year

he allows me to publicly kiss his cheek

as he climbs upon the lion's back...


by Margaret Bednar, September 11, 2017


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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