Summer Dreams

From sandblast windows out I spy

a flock of gulls in flight


and I yearn to coast the ocean,

on a charter, strong and light.


Sail o'er the deepest trenches

With a map of stars at night. 


While freckled dolphins

crest white breakers
crash down swift

then flee from sight...


Brother sings softly

with nothing to say

in his sea-shell storm

on a sun-soaked day.


Sister is listless
Immersed deep in thought,
on endless cold waves

and sand scalding hot.





yanking hair!

Mom starts SHOUTING.

The rest of us stare.


Two tykes locked in battle

twin spartans at war
Dad just ignores them

and lets out a snore


everyone explodes at first sight of shore


burn our feet on the sand


and leap in.



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