Dear Seniors, 

Sometimes instead of putting down your stupid small town

That nobody has ever heard about

In the depths of Ohio,

You should appreciate it.

Appreciate the quiet summer nights

With the annoying crickets

And the late night drives

With a boy who is the center of your attention

But probably won’t be in 6 months.

Enjoy being so naive

That you can invest in a relationship like that

And just throw yourself in

Without much hesitation

And ignore your parents when they try to tell you

'You won't remember your friends in 20 years'

Because you just assume that things have a happy ending

Or that they last forever.

Enjoy senior year

It will be your last year of that.

Your last year of consistency

In the way you have lived

Pretty much all your life,

And your last year of being able to assume

That things are everlasting and never changing

Because soon, it seems like everything will be.

 Sincerely, Almost Graduated

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