The halls of Hell

It is this time of year again. 

I can hear my heart beating so hard my chest might explode.

I hear the steps in the halls getting louder and louder. 

Flip flip of the text book your reading. 

Tap Tap Tap of your pencil hitting the desk as you try to create an idea out of thin air.

You see the sun rise as you spent all night cramming for your exam that you forgot you had.

 Those halls that many have walked through tomorow that will be you.

One more person in those halls one more person to get a grade in a class you won't remember in a year.

Ticking of the clock in your head will drive you crazy.

Get ready Summer Cinderella, your prince is forgotten and you walked away with both shoes.

Tomorrow you clean and continue on just like before the ball.

Just like last August.

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