shores like silk sheets

i think the ocean will love you so long as you come to her when her lover, the sun, has gone.

she will tease you to her shores like silk sheets, 

she will sing to you like a siren calling your name so longingly and lovingly,

deeper and deeper until you can no longer see the light of the ferris wheel nor the music from the bungalow.

all there is is water in your lungs and flashing blurred lights in your eyes.

you remember dreary nights where the lightning water looks like blurry TV screens as you fall asleep.

she casts you away for alone time you used to crave as you decay.

pull me, lover. 

rustle my hair and lose my breath in infinite waves. 

blur my baby blues with crystal clear water. 

curl my hair rugged and blowing in the breeze.

kiss my every inch and wash away my sins.

make me pure again, whole again, here again.

tell me that story again, 

voice of breaking waves and heart of riptides. 

pull me, lover

take me away from a dastardly lonely place.

do you crave me like I crave you?

do you ever miss these hands, these finger tips, these finger prints like no other?

grazing you so gracefully, gingerly, sparingly because I'm scared.

scared of you pulling me lover, keeping me all to yourself under the crystal clear covers.


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