Talk to me with your words full of shattered colors.

Whisper in my ear and tell me things that should have mattered all those months ago.

Back when the summer breeze thought to swaddle us tightly.

Let your voice wrap around us and carry us into the beyond.

An iridescent clap of thunder across my eyelids,

It shouldn’t hurt so badly when you tell me that you love me.

That you loved me.

You write phrases not meant for me about me,

Filled with dripping green venom and laced with fury.

It shouldn’t hurt to hear the truth,

But it does.


You said that I made you happy,

That you felt safe here beneath a raven and lattice of faery lights.

Maybe you should have followed their path into a space far from me.

Now we’re here,

Lost without a map.

The flecks of rainbow cast across your hair and the room we had grown to share are dim.

And it’s nearly winter.

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