You are all the beautiful things in the world

You are all the beautiful things in the world


You are the soothing plane ride on an afternoon sunset as colors of various shades are bursting outside your window. And the stars start appearing before you as the sky transitions from day to night.


You are the rejuvenating walk in the park on an autumn day as a cool breeze passes you by and a chill runs down your spine while dried up leaves crunch beneath your feet.


You are the happy dance on a rainy day by the people jumping up and down, drenched and with no care of getting sick, just laughing the situation away.


You are the chilly camp on a summer night. The gazing at the stars that are filling the night sky with the campfire as the only source of warmth and accompanied with the small talks that never seem to end.


You are the satisfied smile on a painter's face. You are every stroke of the artist's brush. You are the colors of painter's artwork. You are the complement of all that is part of the artist's masterpiece. You are that masterpiece.


You are the blooming flowers on a spring day, the bright green leaves  on the sidewalks, the beautiful hum of the birds, and the shed of sunlight everyone's been looking forward to.


You are the beauty of the universe. You are the destruction and creation of galaxies. You are the beauty of the stars, planets, comets, moons, showers, and constellations combined. 


You are all the beautiful things in the world and so much more. But still, none of it compares to the beauty you hold. For you are the manifestation of beauty itself.


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