The Seasons of Divorce

Fri, 05/17/2013 - 16:08 -- Travis


United States
39° 5' 26.8656" N, 108° 29' 13.0416" W

Walking inside a white marble,
Legions of snowflakes in the air,
Like torrents of feathery arrows they swoop,
Tucking-in the ground bare.

In time, Winter’s arms hold the land cold,
Blankets of white to sleep under
’Til the night grows old.

Mother Winter loves the land dear,
Pulls the covers back in March,
In April sheds her tears,
Leaving her child to its father
The other half of the year.

Without intention Father Summer beats,
His searing warmth
Melting comfort in heat.
Water disappears
Leaving cracks in the parched dirt,
A hardened but fragile skin
For the weather-scarred Earth.

Months pass and it’s transfer-time once more,
Cosmic custody agreement
Imposed on the land for evermore.
The transition brings Mother and Father together
For a bleak moment
Before Winter’s fingers envelop the land,
And before long the cycle’s complete;
The ice and snow are back.

Seasons pass and there is no escape.
Summer and Winter adore the land
As much as they hate each other,
But will never find peace
Like a family together.


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