The Me I Want To Be


Growing up is tough, rough, but I''m learning a bunch.

About Who I am, Who I want to be, and all the new people I meet.

Sometimes I wish my life would all slow down, 

I'm becoming a Junior in High School 

and I'm already picking out colleges.

Where did the time go?

Where is the little me?

Am I really sure I'm becoming the person I want to be?

Am I sure that college is for me?

Am I ready for whatever life throws at me?

I take a breathe and close my eyes, because I know I will have the answers in time.

Berklee College is the place I want to be, 

and I just have to live and learn to turly become



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

one of the greatest lessons in life is be you

be yourself no matter where you're at

keep writing

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