A   Broken record  Can  Deliver messages to other galaxies and  Etch in stone the   Fake desire that was  Gone before the  Heat could rise.  It’s the summer time.  I don't think we believe in space;  Just the time it takes to destroy it. Re-  Kindling the flame that  Lacked luster would  Mean nothing, but it doesn't  Matter to you  Now, you  Overachiever.  Or, one that  Once was.  Perhaps  Pillow talk will work for now in order to  Quench the thirst that  Runs through our veins and makes it impossible to  Sit still. But   Think it through because   Unfortunately, this is the last time we'll get to   Vent  What it is we truly  Want to say before the  X factor begins to enhance the  Yearning sensation pulsating from  Your spine to mine.  Z.


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