Beach Therapy 101

Sandy feet, light brown ocean, and a vast open sky. My week before this was stressful, burdensome and I thought I was going to die. It was hour after hour of work. It was draining; tearing at my soul. The waves are relaxing as they come in 5 second intervals.
The waves are fearless as they come closer and closer to my feet. It is like the waves are in a war to take over the sand but even though they continue to retreat back to the ocean they come back never admitting defeat.
The ocean has a relaxing sound. Carrying away my stress and anxiety out to the deep blue. The warm wind carries the scent of funnel cake from the boardwalk.
I am speechless. I can not talk. I was burned out looking for some kind of rest. The wind answered my wish as it gently touch my chest. I have a lot of work to do, but it all fades away when I look at the waves fight as hard as I do. Is it weird to call the beach a therapist? It has a voice as relaxing as a piano ballad. It is as healthy for you as if you're eating an organic salad.
Real life is hectic, but right now it's okay to be still to be quiet.

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