You Taste

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 21:47 -- sbrew24

You taste…

Like the summer home,

Grass overgrown,

And all alone.

We stand…by the Oceanside,

Life passes by,

Our hearts collide.


You taste

Like a bitter end,

Blowin’ in the wind,

With the breeze again.

As we…leap over hills,

Explore the thrills,

As the world stills.


You taste…

Like sweet caramel,

sweet as a southern bell,

as your lips swell.

With the…rosemary,

That you carry,

Smells sweeter than…berries.


You taste…

Like my happiness,

And I’m wondering this,

Will you let me kiss,

Those sweet sounds

Coming from your mouth,

As I glide down,

To my…home heaven.


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