Summer's Child

*This poem was inspired by Teva Mayer's "Autumn's Child."  I loved it so much that I decided to write about his playmate.*


Summer’s barefoot Child bounds across the field

With wildflowers in his bosom,

And Summer’s Child stops to kneel

For a handful more of blossoms


Amidst the orchard Summer’s Child climbs,

So his chubby hands may better reach

The fruit that sun’s ripened with time,

Rosy as his cheeks


To the rippling pond Summer’s Child trots

With apple in his mouth

To meet the migrants on the dock

And welcome them to the south


Summer’s Child splashes from reed to reed

With silvery laughter and delight,

For with pollywogs does he hide-and-seek,

Endeavoring to keep out of sight


Summer’s Child is a sprightly one,

Playing later than the others,

Taunting the moon and stars with the sun

Til he’s chided by his Mother


Summer’s Child stargazes in meadow lush,

Blowing wishes across the gentle breeze,

Conversing with the lightning bugs,

Forgetting to water the flowers and trees


As time and time go by again

When Summer’s Child neglects his chore,

The leaves begin to wither and thin

And Mother sternly bids him indoors

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