Pizza, Pennies and Popsicles


to write all the things that make me

want to jump up 

and twist and shout

i would make a never ending list


you would be reading for days

there would be repeats

because no two days are the same


sometimes i like nothing more

than laying in bed to sleep

but sometimes

getting up before anyone else

to just jump around it all i need


the rhyimg was unintentional

i was just trying 

to sit and write

but now that its already happening

i have to try and find a word to rhyme with unintentional



back to the point

the things that make me happy

are unlistable

but a few things that

i never cease to stop loving begin with the letter 'p'



my favorite food

it makes my tummy happy

and makes my tastebuds jump all around

i can cook it by myself and lets just say thats a big deal

so its clear that pizza counts...

as the first of the three p's that is



number two on the never ending list

is something many people over look

but pennies are special and its sad they're rarely missed

face up and its good luck

when i  put eight of them together i can pay the tax

for a drink

from mcdonalds that i probably do not need

but pennies keep me sane

they remind me the smallest of things 

have value

no matter how overlooked they may be


and last

but certainly not least

is the third p



i live in kansas

and the summers are killer

so i stay inside


when i start to crave

a popsicle

i cant stay in my cave

i run to the fridge

and get my third favorite thing

once i have aquired

said thing

i venture out into the smoldering kansas heat

and pull out my popsicle to eat


now its hard to stop

with just three things

but without dedicating aproximatley 87 days

to read all the things i love

you'll just have to believe

that these three

are the bees knees

the  cats pajamas

the apples of my eyes

but very favorite three


and yes

i tried to rhyme

three with threee



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