Distant Love


I think about you when you're not by my beside

You live miles away so that's almost all the time

Even worse we're going to college separate ways 

Both hoping the relationship will never fade

Look deep inside my heart there's a picture of you

I look at it every day and say, "That's a beautiful view"

We talk on the phone laugh and tell stories

I always say I got your back so you don't have to worry

They say promises are meant to be broken

But what we have here is untouchable and I'm not joking

Cheaters never really win in the end

I'll fight for you until the very end

Until my heart stops beating

I'll right be right by your side long after my hair line starts receding

I hope that made you laugh

I can keep going this is not even half,

of everything I'll do for you

*Looks inside heart* Yeah you're still beautiful 

I've been saying that from the beginning 

I have a heartache but for you I'll pitch another inning 

Just so we can win as a team

Win championships like the Lakers, Magic and Kareem















Bella Renee

wow ,I LOVE this ,good work !

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